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Are Lunatics in Charge of the Asylum?

Updated on November 16, 2017
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Mathematician, Theoretical Physicist and Software professional (15 years experience). Curious about everything and keen to share knowledge.

Nothing new here
Nothing new here

A recent magazine headline described Boris Johnson our esteemed Foreign Secretary as ruthless, selfish and disloyal, in other words a typical Tory, and this was one of the milder descriptions of him floating around recently.

It is hard however to decide of he is a smart ruthless, selfish disloyal and pretending to be a bumbling buffoon or actually is ruthless, selfish disloyal and a bumbling buffoon lacking any precautionary neural circuitry to zip his mouth

He made an incorrect statement about a British woman on trial in Iran that could lend her in prison for another ten years. And did not apologise for not studying his notes. When asked about the case he talked only about the need to sell nuclear weapons to Iran suggesting that he considered this, and, his pride, more important than justice for a woman who is almost certainly innocent of the charges she is facing.

It would seem the most terrifying words in the English language are

“I am Boris Johnson and I am here to help you” – unless he is talking to himself in a mirror.

If I'd known about Boris I'd have changed my name and never written a dictionary
If I'd known about Boris I'd have changed my name and never written a dictionary


As anyone who lived through the Matrix-Churchill affair will remember the Tories have form for this sort of thing. In the Matrix Churchill case they encouraged a businessman to sell weapons to Iraq at a time when Iraq was facing sanctions promising to look after him. When this was revealed ministers of the Tory government including Malcolm Rifkind and Kenneth Clarke, now feted as a grand old statesman and a darling of the campaign to remain in the EU signed certificates stating that revealing the evidence which later exonerated him in court would damage national security.

Unluckily for the Tories they neglected to choose a judge who would accept their word. When he examined the evidence the judge found nothing in it would harm national security thus frustrating their effort to make “embarrassing” a secrurty classification higher than “Top Secret only for UK Eyes on attached List”. Naturally nothing happened to the minsters involved who continued, after claiming they had no choice but to sign the certificates, as if nothing had happened.

Legally perverting the course of justice is of course nothing new. Tony Blair, leader of the Red Tory party formerly known as Labour famously halted an investigation into corrupt payments to Saudi Arabia claiming upsetting the Saudi Government would damage the prospect of arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Governments have long framed people who are either inconvenient or convenient scapegoats. The Clay Cross councillors in the twentieth century and the Dreyfus affair in the 19th are perhaps the worst cases.

Boris Johnson is not alone in this despicable behaviour, in fact we can call it a Tory trademark and infer that anyone earning less than Boris Johnson is, to the Tory mind, dispensable especially if going overseas to countries that are, justifiably in the light of history, paranoid about covert Western influence. Iran for example must still remember how the UK persuaded the US to finance and run a coup, in 1953, against the democratically elected Mossadeq Government and install the Shah as a dictator.

An Expendable Minster Falls

While Boris Johnson was busily put ing his foot in a presumably innocent woman’s mouth this companion, the cold fishlike Michael Gove, a former Education Secretary who apparently wants, like Pol Pot, to get rid of experts, said he did not know what the accused woman was doing in Iran, thus making matters even worse for her.

At the same time another government minister went on “holiday” to Israel where she had secret meetings with influential Israelis. Allegedly even the Prime Minister, Theresa May did not know about these meetings. After they were revealed the minster was, in a procedure reminiscent of the way corrupt policemen were treated in the 1907s, allowed to resign rather then being sacked. Such compassion is typical of our beloved Prime Minister who set up a scheme to provide financial assistance to Tory MPs who lost their seats in the snap election she called this assistance being paid for by cuts to social security payments for the sick and disabled.


Arch Brexiteer John Redwood acting in his capacity as a financial consultant urged hos clients to move their money out of the UK thus demonstrating that the smart money knows a disaster is looming

The Paradise Papers were published showing that many Brexiteers were hiding their money in the kind of tax havens the EU wants to crack down on showing that they wanted Brexit to be able to continue hiding billions from the tax man.

All this is strengthening the notion that the Tory party is designed to provide socialism for the rich and powerful and austerity and misery for everyone else from cradle through pension to unmarked paupers grave.

When the Establishment is in trouble they have a standard tactic: unveil a sex scandal. Britain still being contaminates with the ideals of the puritans latches on to the sex and ignores the more important issues. And a series of scandals involving allegations of unwanted sexual advances duly arrived in the papers leading to one actual suicide, a couple of political suicides and a few political career murders.

The disaster known as Brexit lumbers on toward 2019 waiting to be born. Tory betrayals of the bargaining chips formerly known as farmers and fishermen are becoming known, the farming and hospitality industries are feeling the lack of cheap labour – cue reducing benefits even further and trying to dragoon pensioners into fruit picking and EU academics, many world class, are leaving the UK for pastures if not new then less unwelcoming. These do not just include the fields Barmy Brexiteers consider infested with pro EU traitors but Mathematics and Physics. The Universities will manage to recruit people to fill these gaps but it is likely they will be filled by people regarded as lower quality.

Blue Passports

Still, we will have blue passports, Garlic will disappear from supermarket shelves and our choice of cheese will dwindle to Cheddar and Wensleydale. Doubtless the Barmy Brexiteers will consider this a proce worth paying even when they can only eat traditional British food: Boiled to pulp Beef, Boiled to formlessness Cabbage, Boiled to a mush Broccoli and Lumpy mashed potatoes taking them back to the heavenly school days of the 60s

The EU Fails To Support Democracy

The EU did not do much to endear itself to that portion of the Scottish and English publics that values democracy and civil rights in their flaccid response to the fascist violence the Spanish government unleashed in Catalonia in an effort to prevent voting in a referendum they could just have ignored. A lot of people have swung, disgusted, from wanting to remain in the EU to wanting to remain only in the single market and customs union perhspas concluding that the EU has departed so far from its original goals as to be beyond rescue.

Always Look on the Bright Side

Looking on the bright side Brexit may mean that those who would vote against independence solely in order to remain outside the EU can, after Brexit vote for independence without fear. Similarly those unionists who would rather stay in the EU than in the UK can vote yes in the hope of being able to fight to rejoin the EU at a future date.

But the big picture for anyone interested in politics and current affairs suggests Britain, or at least England has turned into an inmate run asylum specialising in delusion, pyschoses and psychopathy.


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