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Are most humans evil?

Updated on December 23, 2012

Understanding the history of humanity to conclude if most humans are

Evil is a strong word. When we hear or read the word evil, we think of murder, rape and other similar things. But evil can be defined as the will to harm deliberately and on purpose for personal satisfaction. In English, people use the word “bad” to refer to things people do wrong, but it is taken less seriously than the world “evil”.

A lot of people believe that most people are good. The basis for this conclusion is that we still don’t see too strong evil things happening around. For example, there are still much more people who are no willing to kill or rape. But this conclusion is inappropriate because in reality, evil is not limited to terrible, horrible things. As long as people are willing to harm others, even if the harm is temporary, there is evil in the intention and if the person tends to do it from time to time then definitely the person can be considered to be evil. Sometimes we have to consider that some people who do evil acts to do not possess the complete panorama of the reach of their evil acts, and believe there is nothing serious on what they do. But truth is that you can’t assume that other people have to abide on what YOU consider is or is not serious. For example, a white lie for you can be an unforgivable lie to another person. If you expect others to agree with what is your definition of what is a white lie, and defend your posture without realizing the extent of the graveness of what you have done to the other person, you are acting as an evil person.

In my personal opinion, I have to sadly conclude that most people are evil. The way the world works today does not show me at any way that most people are good. Corporations only care about their financial prosperity; they do not care really about the working personnel. If they have to move overseas to pay a misery to others for the sake of saving money preferring to leave people in their countries unemployed, I don’t see how that is good. Most governments in the world are corrupt. People who are in the highest levels of financial stability have a “I don’t care about others” attitude, and some people who give for charities do not really do it because they have a good heart. Giving to charities can be deducted when filing taxes and some will do it out of “fame”, so others know that they have done, but when you analyze the way they are in their business it is kind of oxymoronic to think they really have a good heart. Rates of divorce are on the rise. More people are not caring to save the so called “eternal love” they have for their partners. It has to take some evil reason to decide to dump someone in a relationship, unless it was arranged in the first place and it was consented.

Some people look for justifications and sheets to try to cover up negative actions that have been committed. But what is wrong, is wrong. Several excuses from some people to justify evilness:

1. That’s the way things are.

2. Such is life.

3. People change.

4. Get over it.

People who express this way show absolutely no interest in making the world a better place. It is indeed solid-as-rock hard to shape the world to become a more friendly and altruistic place, but if most people act this way because they have concluded it is impossible to shape the world in the right direction, even if they are right in their conclusion, then nothing is going to save us from eventually be living in a totally hostile world where some are doomed to live in a living hell.

Most people can be considered to be good with their circle of family and friends. But let’s ask ourselves, how do we act towards strangers? Yes, we have to be cautious. We cannot be naïve and help everyone such as someone, someday, will not thank us as we would expect. But if we adopt an attitude, which I have seen a lot, of “it’s not my business”, and act in an arrogant and defensive way, we will not make Earth a better place to live.

We also have to realize that no physical advance projects anything to do with becoming better people now that in the past. Certainly, because there is more knowledge, there are more laws, so people cannot act today as in the past. But that does not mean people are better now. This means that humans need a moral code sustained by force to share the world with others. For example, have you even wondered why does money exist?

If humans were innately good, money would not be needed. You see, innate goodness means that people have a heart to understand that everything we have here has to be shared. Even with money and laws, some humans have managed to see how they can walk over others and send them to the mud. Resources in the planet are extremely unbalanced and with about 1 billion of humans who are below the misery line it really shows that most people are not good. People act by instincts, similar to animals, and without money and laws people would act as wild animals who would kill and harm others for survival. Some people climb the ladder to financial prosperity by means of cheating, trickery and extortion, and manage to be seen as people who “worked hard” to obtain what they have.

So many wars in the world, and the fact that there has not been a microsecond of world-wide peace in the history of this planet, consolidate that people are not willing to become better. Look to what happened to the Americas. Native people removed from their lands, lands that rightfully belonged to them (or at least we think because Natives themselves had wars between them which included internal invasions) because some strangers from Europe wanted gold and resources. They also went to Africa and kidnapped family men to separate them forever from their wives and children to serve them as slaves in the new colonies.

If we read and research deeply in the old and modern history of the world, we are naïve if we conclude most people are good. There are some good people, some who care about others, but these do not make the majority of humans. Evil is not reduced to murder and rape. Evil includes everything that harms, deliberately and without remorse, be it for personal or any reason, temporary or permanent, which easily includes lying, adultery, cheating, corruption, arrogance, lack of sympathy for others, etc.


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