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Illegal Immigrants and diseases in the US?

Updated on August 3, 2014

Boarder ICE agents confirm that Illegals are Diseased

Recent photos of the illegals invading our country show that many are bringing deadly diseases. Below is a clip from the Tea Party detailing ths invasion and epidemic. Let's just hope the Texas Militia can do what obama refuses to do> Turn back the invading hordes of Disease ridden illegals:


infected child close up
infected child close up | Source

CDC Declared Measles Eliminated in 2000

Many Illegal criminals are invading our country.

Under the current USCIS Immigration laws, people who wish to enter the US must provide proof that the are free from Infectious diseases. They must have a certificate from a Government approved physician . They must be tested and immunized. This is how the US has kept Americans safe from diseases for many years.

Politicians who care little for their own constituents are willing to waive all of these safety requirements, and allow tens of Millions of people to cross our boarders and remain here without proper I-693 medical certifications.

Now whether you are a liberal or conservative, the virus does not differentiate. As a mater of public safety, and public health, all Americans should require proper medical standards for any people who want to live among us.

Many,. many nations do not require or provide inoculation for their citizens. It is strange to me that people trying to enter the US from European nations are given the hardest time and strictest measure of the Immigration laws by USCIS. Yet we have a President who tells our Boarder Security to let criminals and other Illegals to enter the US.

CDC has a list of Nations where high incidents of diseases like Smallpox, Anthrax, Measles, and HIV are rampant and unchecked. Yet we are letting many millions of people from these countries slip across our borders and infect innocent Americans.

Here is a link to the CDC site which talks about recent epidemics of diseases that were once declared Eliminated in the US. They are directly related to our lax and unlawful invasion by criminal trespassers through our borders.

Common Diseases and Immigrants

Are you aware that without testing Illegals can infect the general US population?

See results

Report Health cases you may be aware in your community

So live among Illegal Immigrants?

Are you aware they may infect your community because they often do not have standard vaccinations against infectious diseases?


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