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Are our American Traditions Under Attack?

Updated on December 15, 2014

We have many traditions in our country and one in particular is embodied in the Constitution in the 1st amendment. The tradition of religious liberty is not only a right but a principle on which this country was found. The opportunity for religious freedom brought many individuals and families to the shores of a new country and the hope for a better life. In the beginning as our country was being developed with the early settlers hard work existed for each individual. Hard work does not necessarily involve physical labor but can involve difficult tasks to make our country better for the next generation.

Some say if we work hard we can achieve anything and I totally believe in this principle. Achieving success has never been an easy process. It takes creating goals for us to reach as individuals and it involves hard work to achieve our goals. Each of us has different talents and work hard at the positions we have to support not only the company for which we work but our families. Family was everything at the beginning of our country and family is everything today. There are different types of families. One with which we are familiar is our spouse and children. The other is the family atmosphere we sometimes experience at the company for which we work.

Hard work is a principle and a tradition which we pass on to our families and communities. It can be exhibited through us in the character we project as

Family was everything from the beginning of our country and today in some respects it still is but government is getting in the way of families making their own decisions as they are making decisions for them. Life as we know it has changed from the early days of our country and granted our country has gone through much and will go through much in the future but it is how we respond that will determine our fate as a country.

Family, life, religious liberty and hard work are traditions with which government should not be involved especially at the levels we have seen in recent years. These traditions are under attack in some respects but a new era of politics is about to have some impact and what that impact will be remains to be seen. Republicans will be in charge of both Houses of Congress and the number of Republican representatives and senators has not been seen in years with respect to the political power about to unfold in January 2015. It is hoped that the culture in Congress will be different with respect to operational policies and that the current and newly elected individuals will champion the cause of honoring the Constitution. Congress should not enact any legislation which threatens the freedoms we have engrained in the Constitution. Government needs to serve the citizens not citizens serve the government.


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