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Are our troops really being brought home?

Updated on July 7, 2011

One of the main issues of the past Presidential election was bringing our soldiers home. To the naked eye, that's exactly what's happening. Obama has set up a timeline to have our soldiers out of Iraq. This has made so many people happy. We are also very excited to be finished with this war. Lots of money and lives have been poured into this. No one could be happier than me. Well I guess there could be, but let me tell you why.

I am a former Air Force veteran. My husband is still currently in the Air Force. Any military wife would tell you that we want our husbands home and we don't want to worry about deployment. To make things worse, my brother, who is my hero, is in the Army. He is special forces which makes it even more difficult for me to imagine him over there, even though he's been there already. So to hear they were coming home, it was the greatest thing to hear.

So then why are both my husband and brother being deployed to Afghanistan next year? I thought that it was just coincidence, but a few of my military friends also are being deployed there. Aren't we suppose to bring the home rather than send them out? In February, Obama announced that he would send another 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. A total of 21,000 troops have been promised by Washington to be sent there. Why are they being sent there? Most are being sent to fight terrorist groups that are growing stronger. So did we just take our troops out of one war and put them in another? Do they really think only 21,000 extra troops is going to scare the Taliban since 132,000 didn't scare them in Iraq.

Is 21,000 just the beginning? If the war increases over there the same way that it has been already, more troops will be sent and it will be turned into Iraq all over again. We are losing our families and spending a ton of money that could help our economic problem by keeping our troops in these wars.

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