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Are the checks & balances in Govt working ?

Updated on March 18, 2011

I pose this Question for all fellow Hubbies. Are the checks and balances working in our Federal Government?
In America checks and balances form an integral part of the democratic and therefore the government process. Without them the confidence in the integrity of government and the bureaucracy would fall so low that it would grind to a halt. Do they work well for instance the checks and balances did not work in the previous Bush Government in relation to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In relation to Intelligence in Iraq and Niger. In relation to the round up and treatment of detainees at Abu Grab & Guantanamo Bay.

Nobody can say that balancing both checks & balances is a science rather it is an art-form. Balancing both the rights of an individual and that of the community and or the state is a difficult thing to do. We know that there is no mathematical equation to apply to any given situation.

For instance in Australia in 2005 Dr Mohammad Haneef was an India Doctor working in Australia and was detained for a couple of months under the terrorism Act two years ago. The case revolved around a cell phone Sim card which was in his possession which belonged to a distant relative who was involved in bombing in Glasgow. Although the relative was in Liverpool England at the time of the bombing Haneef was held without charge for many weeks he was eventually charged but the case was dropped when the prosecutor for the DPP found their was insufficient evidence to sustain a charge.

Thee issue is when the system works the other way and completely stifled innovation, good government and progress in general. For instance it is widely held view although disputed in some quarters that the current stimulus package which is designed to stimulate the economy because of the sub-prime financial crisis should not be allowed to proceed. Both the opposition and Congress have slowed or amended progress on these initiatives and therefore restrict or reduce the potential effectiveness.
On the other side Congress and the opposition gave comfort to the invasion of Iraq following the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks in New York.. this was despite the United Nations and many of the United States allies having very grave reservations about an invasion.



Did the checks and balnces of government work in the Bush admininstration ?

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