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Are we headed for the End of the World? George Tupak’s answer

Updated on November 13, 2014

Apocalypse: the invisible comet theory

This vision of the end of the times is far too dark for it to unfold this way. We, however, have to be careful because, in light of the increasingly significant changes in climate, it would seem that a latent problem is in the making somewhere high in the sky

There is no doubt that our small planet nestled in the heart of the solar system is as exposed as could be a billiard ball in the middle of the table. Besides, the astronomy department of the prestigious Cardiff University in England reported that the Earth was likely to collide with a comet – hang on here – that is invisible!

It is not a joke, on the contrary. Professors Chandra Wickramasinghe and William Napier built their theory on the fact that some comets could not be detected by the current telescopes. But then, what are they used for, our giant and expensive telescopes?

Obviously, this news, because it really is one, immediately disappeared and no one has seen it since. You have to know that the space to watch is so great that many things can happen at any moment in areas not yet covered by the telescopes, areas estimated at 94%! It’s huge.

The Vatican Observatory

That is why we should reflect on the strange idea of the Vatican, which has built a huge observatory at the top of the mountain in the Arizona desert to the dismay of local Indians. A giant observatory called the Mount Graham International Observatory with three large telescopes continuously scanning the sky.

It is strange that the Vatican has spent millions and millions (I prefer not to know how much!) in a territory where it is normally considered a foreign power.

It is all the more curious that this foreign power was able to obtain all approvals and permits from the U.S. government, usually so fearful of foreigners, and often paranoid, to establish a giant observatory on its soil, an observatory crammed with electronic and highly sophisticated observation technology. The Vatican has effectively obtained all the permits.

The Jesuit priest George Coyne, a graduate of Georgetown University was tasked with managing the observatory and, the gifted monk, Guy Consolmagno, a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology is still part of the team. Nothing unusual, but how to interpret this expensive project in a church that is said to have a very cost-conscious management. Very strange this case, is it not?

Why would the Vatican be so interested in what is happening in the sky if it did not suspect the arrival of something that it would like to appropriate exclusively. Unless the idea of the coming of aliens has resurfaced in the minds of the Cardinals. After all, there is no harm in seeking new ways to disseminate the Christian religion. Evangelizing aliens, what a good idea… This may be laughable but the remarks during a radio show by the famous Jesuit priest Malachi Martin, former adviser of Popes John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II, raised doubts: “Knowing what is happening is the sky and observing what is approaching will be crucial in the coming years…”

Do we really have to fear the end of the world?

Nobody knows what the future will ultimately bring forth, but some know that our ship “Earth” will soon enter a new dimension and it would be wise to prepare quickly for it.

What should we fear most in the end? The fabrications of some gurus who think the apocalypse will be the best business of their lives, the wrath of the sky with the tribulations of our friend or future enemy the Sun, the pole shift that would cause snow to fall down on Africa and transform Greenland into a furnace, a sudden and brutal collision with a huge invisible comet, the arrival of alien populations who would have expended the energy on their planet and who would be facing the same problems as us? No one knows, not even me, George Tupak!

But one thing is certain: in these days of domination by very high technology, facing the growing need of humans who want to own more and more material things, it would be good to ask ourselves the right questions. By trying to control everything in a world of zero tolerance, no one will ever be able to predict disasters, let alone explain them. Strange, isn’t it?

An endless repetitive cycle

To believe that, the more men are stubbornly trying to understand the hidden things, the more they play at being God and the more they may burn their wings. The Mayan civilization has paid the price for it in an age that closely resembled the one we are experiencing today. Because we are only passing travelers here, let’s not forget it!

Everything that happened yesterday has been transformed. Nothing, no particle of the past has disappeared. And everything that happened yesterday will reappear tomorrow. It’s inevitable.


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