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Are we in the wrong? On political disagreements in the aftermath of a democratic process.

Updated on June 26, 2016

Over the past few days I have seen increasing calls on social media for us all to stop being so uncivil to people with opposing political opinions and to a degree I agree with them.

There is a world beyond political discourse. For example, I work with a fair few people who voted leave, as somebody who wholeheartedly believes we should remain in the EU there is a clear disagreement. However, life has to go on. I can’t spend 40-50 hours a week huffing and being uncooperative with the coworkers I disagree with, most of whom are lovely people, and this line of thought applies to many areas of all our lives. We don’t live in the bubbles that our social media platforms provide.

On the other hand, political decisions affect all of us, not just in the wide scope of things, but on a personal level too. Especially when we feel strongly about such things, as I’m aware many of us did. It is so easy, particularly in the age of social media where we can see our views being rephrased and parroted back, to get wound up, frustrated and angry when elections don’t work in our favour. Certainly, some of my immediate responses on election night were crass. Can I take back my wide opposition to the leave campaign? Of course not, indeed, whilst I occasionally crossed lines I still believe in a lot of what I said. I don’t believe all leave voters are racist and xenophobic, but I do feel it contributed to the success of the campaign on an unprecedented level.

The real question is how we move on. people call the remain campaign ‘sore losers’ as they did labour supporters in the outcome of the general election last year, but surely the nature of politics is standing and fighting for the things you believe in. Of course, these things may not change anything. None of the UK really know what is going to happen next, but I see no harm in the remain campaign attempting to fight their corner. Of course, there will be protests, petitions etc. Nearly half of this country did not vote leave. With such widespread opposition, there are enough people displeased with the situation to warrant fighting the side

We have to stand up for what we believe in, as is the nature of politics. We will not give up.We will not back down. But we should continue to be civil and show some degree of acceptance for those who disagree with us, we have to live alongside each other let’s not make it more difficult than it needs to be.


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