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Are You Still Against the Wall?

Updated on March 1, 2018

Open Border is unAmerican, the Walled Border is American.

The Wall

The California ninth circuit just gave Trump the go ahead to build the Wall. In a one hundred page opinion the judge didn't make any decision as to whether the wall was a good or bad idea. The federal judge just made the decision that the president of the United States has the power to build the wall.

The congress and the president share the responsibility of protecting the country. And in that vain that is what the wall exists to do.

Are you against the Wall? Or are you just against the idea that Trump wanted the Wall?

While you are deciding why you don't want the Wall?

What do you think is the purpose of a Border Wall?

What does any wall do? It prevents the easy ingress and egress that exists without the wall. Then you put the Wall on the Border?

There are many homes across the US that don't have fences between the properties, while there are even more homes that do fence the property.

I kind of like the fence, as it tells you what is your property and where it bounds and then becomes the property of another. A wall is the curtilage of the property. In the case of Burglary it would be covered as part of the trespass that is the breaking and entering into the dwelling of another to commit a crime therein.

Without the fence a person may not know when they are trespassing, but with a fence it is clear.

The same is true of the Border Wall, it makes it known that a person is trespassing on the property belonging to someone else.

The Border Wall is unAmerican

That is what the democrats say when they oppose the Wall. Then according to that most people in the United States are unAmerican. Because they put fences up, they have doors on the outside of their houses and they even lock these doors.

What then is unAmerican to protect your property from intruders, squatters, and others They are all unWelcomed people that weren't invited into your home, and having the fence, the door, and locking the door gives clear signal that unless invited by the owner of the house or property, entry onto the property or into the house is a trespass, and depending why they entered the property or the house, it could also be a felony.

There may have been a time long ago where at least in some parts of the country people didn't lock their doors, or their cars. But today that unguarded approach could be disastrous to the health and well being of the owner.

Do we consider that level of protection from the home owner as being unAmerican? I don't think so, and I further think that if owners didn't protect their property, then other people would think they are dumb for not doing it, and certainly not unAmerican.

Apply the protections of the homeowner to the Border Wall

The Border Wall is much like the fences and the locked doors of the homes.

There are at least three kinds of trespassers that cross our border when there is no wall.

1. Terrorists

2 Criminals

3. Illegal Aliens trying to avoid the legal ways to cross the border.


Of the millions of people that illegally cross our borders, how many terrorists are you willing to let in the country. Keep in mind that only 19 of them was needed to make a successful and unopposed attack on US soil killing over 3,000 innocent people.

Since 911 there have been 2 or less of the terrorists that have shot and killed or blown up dozens of innocent people.


The Drug Cartel of Mexico owns the Mexican Northern border. And every year they are allowed to send over that open border over $20 billion of their illegal drugs.

The drugs are more than welcomed in the United States.

The cartel also deals in human trafficking, and gun running.

When the Wall is put up and the Drug Cartel has difficulty bringing their illegal products into the country, it is unAmerican for what reason?

Illegal Aliens

Not all Illegal Aliens are criminals, but when you are talking of millions of illegals, what percentage of the illegals are acceptable to be criminals

In the late 1800s and earhly 1900s many of the immigrants that are Americans or descendant Americans of these immigrants came through Ellis Island and the legal immigration process, including the quota system.

They were vetted and if they passed and the quota wasn't exceeded they were let into the country. That is all the US Government did for them. Today, the Illegals Aliens are treated like pseudo American Citizens and given a lot.

What these Illegals are doing is cutting in front of the immigration line without being vetted. What is American about cutting in front of the legal immigration line, while those foreigners coming through the immigration process in many cases can't come into the country. Just because they couldn't walk across an open border.

Once here, they get free education, free medical, welfare, and even driver's licenses. How is that American? Especially when you contrast it with the legal immigration process that was used for our parents, grand parents to earn their American Citizenship. The legal immigrants really want the American Citizenship that requires money and time to go through the Naturalization process.

What is unAmerican is giving pseudo American Citizenship to Illegals that don't want to be American Citizens, but instead want the US to be their surrogate country.


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    • holliesandhealth profile image

      Robin Goodfellow 4 weeks ago from United States

      I already did. My opinion still stands. Your judgements are rather harsh. :)

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 4 weeks ago from Orange County California


      It doesn't appear that you have read any further than the title. Try again, after actually reading the article.

    • holliesandhealth profile image

      Robin Goodfellow 4 weeks ago from United States

      The purpose of the wall is largely symbolic. In an of itself, both experts and scholars have said the wall won't stop illegal immigration, because the illegal immigrants are already here. A lot of them arrive by planes, and they just don't go when they're supposed to. Besides which, just because a wall is built up doesn't mean it won't halt illegal immigration across our U.S borders. While it may stop illegal immigration in some places, they'll just find some other way to get here. It's happened in the EU, so I don't see why it can't happen here.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 7 weeks ago from Orange County California


      Thanks for the great comment.

      BTW, it turns out that both Nancy Pelosi, D from CA and ex president Barack Obama both have substantial walls around their estates.

      Not fences, actual Walls!

      We know that Obama has a cadre of guns and weapons protecting and his estate.

      Don't know about Pelosi.

      Have a great day.

    • Cre8tor profile image

      Dan Robbins 7 weeks ago from Ohio

      You've made some very valid points. Inarguable least directly. Generally speaking democrats disapprove of the wall. Not all immigrants are bad, it won't stop illegal immigration, all that money, etc...while Republicans rebut with arguments like, what's an acceptable percentage, we need to tighten up regulation, etc... Now let's talk about guns....

      Simply insert the word "gun" in place of "wall" and you'll hear the exact same arguments but from different sides of the aisle.

      And we wonder what is wrong with our country.