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Ariel Castro's False Remorse & Violent Past

Updated on May 14, 2013

Ariel Castro Knew Victim, Faked Remorse & Was Violent

When the news of the freedom of the three women broke, I sat at the TV and wondered what could make Ariel Castro abuse, rape and then starve a pregnant women. Because I needed an answer, I read about Ariel Castro's past.

After the kidnappings, Ariel Castro's actions fooled the people around him. He seemed to be the last person anyone would accuse of the kidnappings.

NBS News reported that Ariel Castro, 52, who kidnapped and held Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight for a decade was friends with Gina DeJesus' father and actually passed out flyers for her in 2004 and comforted DeJesus' mother at a candlelit vigil last year. In addition, Ariel Castro performed music at a fundraiser for DeJesus.

They also reported that Ariel Castro was friends with DeJesus' father and his daughter, Arlene, was friends with Gina DeJesus. In addition, Castro's son, Anthony, who was writing a story about the missing women told his father that he did not think the women would ever be found. Castro's reply to him was not a confession.

While Ariel Castro's behavior after the kidnappings did not show that he was guilty, his past shows that he was violent and capable of kidnapping.

After Ariel Castro moved in with girlfriend Grimilda Figueroa in 1992, Figueroa's sister said that he began abusing her. She said that Castro broke her nose, ribs, arms and even threw her down the stairs. He also broke her skull. A year later, police arrested Castro for domestic violence, but he was never indicted by a grand jury.

Four years later, Figueroa moved out and was awarded custody of their four children. Police helped Figueroa move out and detained Castro, but did not charge Castro with anything. Although Figueroa no longer lived with Castro, Figueroa's sister said Castro threatened and attacked her sister. In 2005, Figueroa obtained a temporary restraining order against Castro after he injured her and abducted his own daughters. The restraining order was reversed after months later.

Figueroa died last year from a brain tumor.


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