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Arizona Immigration Laws

Updated on May 6, 2010

Illegal Immigration Laws

Hello everyone!

I would like to start this hubpage asking a few questions: How the immigration problem all started? Who is to be blamed for the american immigration failed policy? Who is to blamed for the millions of illegal of immigrants currently living this great country of us? How should we treat them? How to fix this gigantic problem? Is it fair to treat them as animals?

Talking about America Immigration is a very sensitive topic, however, it is a subject that cannot be left alone, someone needs to do something about it.

Honestly, I don't have all the answers for the problem but I like to consider that I am well aware of this particular matter in order to provided an educated opinion.

So, how the US Immigration problem started?

Immigration is not an ectual problem, actually, it is the solution for the problems of this great country, in fact, immigration was the way in how America was created and to support my claim, let's go back to the late 1700's.

From the beginning of this country's history, America was formed by immigrants, people came here because they wanted religion's freedom, they wanted to be free and happy, they wanted to live with dignity, they wanted to find a place under the sun and, did they.

So, what is the difference between our forfathers and the immigrants of the 21st century? Really, I don't see one but, it seems that we already forgot that.

How Immigration problem all began?

The problem with illegal immigration started the moment that the man created laws and regulations to control comes and goes from place to place and, by the way, immigration is a world problem not US alone but, for now lets keep focused on the US problem.

Before immigration laws being in place, people would come and go without having documentation, it was a free world, but since that, documentation became a mandatory policy, those who would come here without it were classified as, undocumented immigrants or as commonly known as: Illegal Aliens, by the way, why do we call immigrants "aliens"?

Here is another analogy: How all started? Well, have you ever heard about modern slavery?

If not, let me introduce it to you and, maybe it will help you understand or even agree with my view.

It is called modern slavery, a group of people who lives in the shadow of a society. Such group of people for most part, live in fear because, the law will usually not protect them, this same group have very few human rights on their side, they are abused by their employers, they get lower wages than the rest of the society, their are blamed for most crimes that happens in the community and, for most part, their voices are never heard by the government.

My analogy might be a bit too strong, however, it is very realistic. I have met many immigrants who are living in this country in such condition and, it is sad that such a great nation allow millions of people to live in a condition.

Who gain with all that? In my opinion, our government gains with it, employers gain with it and we the society gain with it, how?

1 - Government make billions of dollars with paid income tax and many other forms of taxes collected from the illegal immigrants, not including that, if the illegal immigrants never become legals, they will never benefit from a retirement plan.

2 - Employers benefits from cheap labor, higher profit marging in their company's bottom line, no benefits offered to the illegal immigrants group.

3 - We benefit from their cheap labor also, example: their work in farms, allow us to pay less for the produce we eat every day. Who build our homes, who clean and maintain our home landscapes and, so on.

Immigration Reform

Who Is To Be blamed for Immigration Failed Policy?

I really don't like the blame game but, the major reason of why we found ourselves in the middle of a immigration problem is due to the lack of commitment from our leader to deal with the issue and find a common ground that will be fair to everyone.

It is a fact that our country continuously need immigrants to fulfill the demand of the workforce in the base of our economy and, without addressing the problem with seriousness and real intent, nothing will never get done and, it will get worse and worse.

Who is to be blamed for the millions of Illegal immigrants currently living in the US?

Once again, I don't want to blame a particular party but, the only reason why US is the most immigrant country of the world is because of the so called "american dream", everyone believes that coming to American is the only way to make their dreams come true, consequently, those who dream for a better life will come to America to conquer such dream.

Another reason for the millions of immigrants has to do with the plenty of low paying jobs available in America that no American is willing to do, therefore, the need for hard working people is tremendous, the government knows that, immigrants know that and we know that.

Because this is a reality, the government don't know a lot to stop illegal flux of immigrants into this great country.

So, we can blame the immigrants to come here in such a manner but, in reality, it is not their fault, they are just trying to provide for their families and, the US offers the way to make it possible.

How to treat the illegal immigrants:

I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity period, it does not matter their status.

They all deserve to be treated the same way as we would like to be treated. Just because we are americans, it doesn't mean that we are better than them, they are lesser or more than us.

We should go back to basics and remember how this great country started its history, remember that the reason we are such a great nation is because we are a country of immigrants, we all came here with a single dream, to make this land the greatest of all lands of great world, so, why we forget things so quickly?

The new immigrants want the same thing that we once did, so, why not give them a fair chance and, treat them with respect, dignity, as human beings?

God created the world to all His children and, He never called them legal or illegal.

My mom taught me something when I was very young, she use to say: "treat people the same way how you would like to be treated".

Finally, how to fix such a mess?

Our government, meaning the federal government should fulfil with their obligations and pass a comprehensive immigration reform that will provide a clear path to legalization, fix the current laws bring the millions of immigrants from the shadow to light.

Enough is enough, enough mistreating those that are the base of our society, those that suport and sustain the base of our economy.

Those people have suffered long enough, it is time to help them to achieve the so called american dream and the only way is to pass an immigration reform bill into law.

At least, this is what I think to be the right thing to do, please, I make a contribution to this article, give your opinion and make your voice heard. Your thought are welcomed.

Immigration Reform:

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