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ISIS Cause Is Aided By The Finest Advanced Weaponry Provided By the United States

Updated on September 30, 2015

Latest 2015 Equipment Liked by ISIL

FREE Terrorist Equipment Compliments USA  Come and get It ISIL - It's Free
FREE Terrorist Equipment Compliments USA Come and get It ISIL - It's Free

Run Iraqi Army Run - Leave Your Weapons And RUN

Besides growing a pair, THE PLAN calls for changes.

As the war against terror continues, the U S should reconsider whether to continue fighting our ISIL enemies while at the same time, supplying them with the most advanced weaponry: Grow a pairavailable.

Ignoring the lessons of history, we have chosen to partner with a people who hate us, our Christian roots, our form of government , customs and all we represent. We remain a nation that many have vowed to decimate in a continuous series of jihads that began 1400 years ago and will continue until the civilzed world falls completely under the grip of the Muslim caliphate.

Iraqis say "Farewell to arms" as they scatter away from any military action. The rifles given to them by the Americans serve no purpose other than shooting celebratory rounds into the air every time one of their soldiers misses a target..The weapons left behind in the course of their cowardly retreats represent just another sign of disrespect for our armed forces, who unfortunately took their promise to defend and protect Iraqis from the terror at their doorstep seriously.

The billions of dollars worth of up to date weapons left behind by the hightailing ball-less Iraqis included tanks, drones and heavy artillery pieces as well as hundreds of HUMVEE armored personnel carriers which now serve ISIL much better than the makeshift japanese pickup trucks that once flew the ISIL black flags of death. In all, the results of the billions of dollars worth of arms left behind allowed the enemy to double their strength and made the ISIL forces into a modern army instead of the ragged forces they had been. Thank you Iraq for putting it to us once again. Yet again we have ignored the lessons of history.lp

So then, what could we have done to prevent or neutralize these wanton acts of cowardice? Apart from withdrawing our troops -- and never getting involved in a religious war in the first place, much more could have been done. There was and still is a doable solution available; the answer is so shockingly simple It is amazing that our great military minds never thought of it

A recent post from, Our Department of Defense accused the Iraqi army of leaving behind large quantities of weapons and ammunition. Iraqi authorities denied it. Some US officials called it absolute cowardice, a shocking politically insensitive but accurate description of the facts. But that is precisely what occurred when the Iraqi personnel got out of Dodge -better known as Ramadi. The weapons, which were seized by ISIS, included tanks, armored vehicles and heavy guns. This was a repeat of a similar bailout the previous year. It can't help but make us wonder how many more abandonments will it take to completely outfit the entire ISIS crew before it all ends? You can read a full account at

No BOOTS on the Ground For Barefoot Iraqi Soldie

The hapless Iraqis discovered that they can run faster without boots. So, the sad sack Iraqi army (?) stripped off and left behind their uniforms and their boots, which will prove quite valuable to the ISIL terrorists during future attempts at infiltration and spying missions. The price they pay for their cowardly actions only confirms common knowledge. Without uniforms, the yellow stripe that runs down the middle of their spines is now in clear vue for all to see.

Enough Of the consequences. On to the solution for these cowardly acts.

Because of the Iraqi Army's penchant for leaving billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind on the battlefield, a better plan should be considered that would eliminate the chances for abandoned weaponry being used against us or used at all in the future.

Here is a plan that could help deter the ISIS crew from taking over the next batch of left behind and abandoned weapons.

The PLAN ... calls for all essential military material, vehicles, including large artillery pieces, rockets and heavy equipment be fitted with powerful, undetectable self destruct explosive devices which can be remotely detonated by U S forces at appropriate moments, anytime after the ISIL forces take possession of the weaponry. It is so simple, it could work.


All significant military equipment sent to Iraq must have the capability to be rendered tactically useless to the enemy, as needed if abandoned or captured. Those weapons can also present a great offensive option for our cause as we can detonate them at will when occupied by unauthorized troops.This action allows these weapons and equipment to be used offensively with the potential for doing considerable damage to enemy forces unlucky enough to find it. SEe

If our administration chooses to go to bed with unreliable bedfellows, we need to protect our interests.

Arm Courageous Kurds Not Iraqi Chickens

Christian Victims of ISIL Atrocities
Christian Victims of ISIL Atrocities

is Ignorance Bliss? ask an ISIL-ist

According to some interpretations of the Koran, lying and deceit are acceptable ways to deal with Christians and other Infidels.

Some of mankind's greatest treasures are being destroyed by ISIL terror groups simply because they were not around when Mohamed started his cult

Wrapping one's wife in a bag hardly seems like a proper way to honor her

Get Yer Crusader Gear on Guys

We Need a New Crusade
We Need a New Crusade

Manno a Manno

Perhaps the time has come for modern day vo;unteers to start a new Crusade and attack our enemies as they see fit. withou the restraints and politics


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    • profile image

      E.G. Kramer 

      3 years ago

      we have been fighting ISIS since the Crusades . If you have any concept of history you should know thatthe ultimate plan for Mohamedan terrorists is the defeat of Christianity. It is not a one front war. The Muslims have time on their side. Unless we ho;d the, off they will overun the west. They are closing in on Europe and making great strides hee in the US. Stop them in their tracks or be prepared to converyt or lose your head. In case you haven't noticed, they are a larger religion than Christianity.

      What would you propose we do about the threat.

    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 

      3 years ago

      You said we should start a new crusade and attack our enemies as we see fit? What about the war in Afghanistan? How about us fighting in Iraq twice. How about the United States fighting against ISIS since Operation Viking Hammer. Who else should we attack. North Korea, Iran when will it ever end.


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