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Artistic Expression and Culture

Updated on February 25, 2011

There are so many different cultures in the world today. I find it fascinating.  I’m twenty eight years old and have enjoyed reading and writing since I was ten years old. Is that artistic? I would say yes. I have enjoyed different types of writing for years and I think when you find something that you are passionate about, that is artistic. It’s a form of artistic expression. In fact, in my case it’s the only thing I have ever been passionate about. I have never been interested in sports or dancing or anything of the sort.

My culture is different than the culture I live in. I’m a black male living in a predominantly Hispanic area so all around me I am constantly exposed to Hispanic culture. I differ from my entire family in that I don’t listen to the music they all listen to, I don’t dance the way they all dance, heck I don’t even eat the same way they eat. When I say eat I mean the types of dishes they eat. They eat only American foods and occasionally Chinese food. I differ greatly in the sense that I am always for diversity and something different than the social norms. I love ethnic restaurants such as Vietnamese foods and Mediterranean foods; those are my favorites. My style of dress is different from my cultures as well. One could refer to me as an artistic individual. In any sense, I think artistic expressions are a way to bring forth your own individuality.

When I think about my culture I’m often confused because I honestly don’t know what it is. Perhaps I don’t feel culture is relevant to me but I enjoy immersing myself in other cultures. My artistic expression in no way reflects the culture that I live in. Many times, I think that the environment I live in is intolerant of other cultures. I think many people find themselves living in certain communities that are just intolerant of something that they either know nothing about or can’t get past the fact that they are different from what they’ve always known.

The Hispanic culture in El Paso Texas, which is where I live hasn’t influenced myself in way that would cause me to decorate my house nor does it affect my style of dress. I will admit that I find many of the foods great tasting and I do try to cook them myself many times, so perhaps in way this is how I connect myself to the Hispanic culture here. One thing I almost failed to mention is that of body art. The Hispanic culture in this city is known for body art such as tattoos and to an extent, body piercing.  I myself have ear piercings and a tattoo (and I want a few more but they hurt) and I consider these to be forms of artistic expression as well, albeit in my family much it is frowned upon, I didn’t let that stop me. In every culture, body art is expressed in one form or another (Hirschberg, Hirschberg p. 106). Body art of any kind has been going on for perhaps eons and some people fail to see the meaning behind it.


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