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As Missiles Fly

Updated on November 26, 2012
Froggy213 profile image

Greg has many opinions when it comes to politics and education. He has no qualms with voicing his opinion..

I am saddened by the news I hear coming from the Middle East. A major battle has erupted between the Israelis and the Palestinians again. There are views coming in from all sides. There are deaths and injuries on both sides.

I am about to share my viewpoint. I do have friends on both sides and I do not usually like to "take sides", but it is called for here.

I will have to stand with Israel in this instant. They have been getting bombs and missiles lobbed into their perimeters for quite some time. These projectiles have come from Gaza and enough is enough. It was high time that they defended themselves. I must say that Israel has attempted to do this in the most humanitarian way possible too. They have dropped leaflets warning of their defensive stand. They have thrown sound bombs to warn civilians of areas that were going to be attacked. They have essentially went after weapons sites and Hamas leaders.

As has been done many times before, Hamas has hidden behind the civilians and put the innocents in the way of war. They then scream, saying Israel is so wrong when an innocent is killed or injured. People overlook many times how many innocent Jews have been killed or injured.

I must commend President Obama in standing firm that Israel has the right to defend herself.

Leaders of countries like Turkey, Egypt and other Muslim countries are yelling that Israel is committing the worst offenses. I beg to differ. Israel is a very small country and the Muslims want it. They want to run the Jewish people out. This has been going on even before the days of Jesus Christ. When will the world understand that Israel is God's chosen nation. God will defend her and no matter who tries to come against Israel, they will be defeated.



Israel is only about 8000 Square Miles.

Gaza is about 140 Square Miles.

Turkey is about 300,000 Square Miles.

Egypt is about 387,000 Square Miles.

Iran is about 636,000 Square Miles.



We have leaders of Turkey, Egypt and Iran all screaming that the Jews need to give up their little land to the Palestinians. It is pure envy.

Many of these extreme Muslims think if they have the land, God will be with them. God's people are the Jewish people and no matter what, He is with them.

I call on leaders of the United States, Russia, Great Britain and others to ask these countries to donate some of their many square miles to the Palestinians. They must quit supplying weapons to Hamas.

It is probably good that I am not the Prime Minister of Israel. I would be attacking the suppliers of weapons too. War against Iran would be sure.

Hamas has been sending missiles into these areas of Israel:

Defend Israel

I apologize to the Muslim friends I may be offending with this hub, but, we need to stand in defense of Israel on this one.

I pray that people will awaken to wise decisions and that bloodshed is not the answer.

The following pictures are graphic. These are the realities of war.

Please pray.

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© G.L. Boudonck


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      This is one of those conflicts that seems to have no end. Tragic events of late in an ongoing display of hate. Well done Froggy!