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As Sanders Gently Sleeps

Updated on May 31, 2016

It's A Big Job

Running for office is draining, time consuming, and difficult. Bernie has been on a long campaign road and is no doubt feeling the wear and tear. Sanders is feeling so worn down that he was memorialized himself at a Memorial Day service in the San Francisco Bay Area napping as the service happened around him.

It was a sad and discouraging moment -- a presidential candidate, asleep as people honored those that sacrificed their lives. It comes down to choices and what perceptions you're willing to allow of your candidacy and yourself for that matter. Y ou can either get a good night's sleep or you can sacrifice the time you committed to for this event. Staying awake an hour or two while you're at a memorial seems like such a small sacrifice in comparison. Perhaps if the walk in the parade was to much, he could have foregone that to be attentive at the memorial.

Bernie, you, and I may or may not agree with the wars or actions our soldiers died in, but they did die because we as a nation sent them to fight for us. If you disagree with why some died, even more so should we honor their sacrifice. They served even when our nation faced dissent, knowing that they may never come home.

They gave their lives, and he should have been prepared to give a few moments of consciousness to acknowledge and appreciate that.

Beyond the offense of that though is the fact that the job of president is even harder than running for president. Hard decisions, long days and nights, and literally almost every major problem of the world banging on your door 24/7.

I hesitate to say Bernie Sanders is old. After all he's only 6 years older than Hillary, and 5 older than Trump. But he doesn't appear to be nearly as in good health. The effort has been taking a toll on all of them, but I don't see Hillary or Trump, like them or not, asleep at the wheel. I have loathed the way the "3 AM phone call" issue has been dealt with at times, but it is a real issue... will Bernie be able to get up to answer that 3 AM call when it comes?

We face a lot of issues now, internal and external, and there are a lot of questions about each candidate in regards to whether or not they can or should handle those problems. Adding the problem of not being able to physically keep up with the physical and mental demands does not help the Sanders campaign given all the other issues he is having right now.

Bernie has made his point, and has made an impression. I think it's time that he do that from another direction at this point. He has what power he can gain in the nomination and platform development process. It is time to lay the campaign to rest and begin to focus on how to be more impactful to push the agenda millions want without being so divisive in whatever future role people in the party are still willing to give him before he completely burns all his bridges. If he can do that, maybe he can regain some of the respect he's lost among people like me who have watched his campaign unfortunately degrade from discussion issues and change into a battle with the Democratic party leaders.


Huffpo recently did an article on how each candidate keeps themselves in shape. Trump, who knows with his bloviating. Clinton seems to get regular exercise, and eat relatively healthy. Bernie Sanders however relies on a fad diet (Paleo) and wood cutting for exercise. While impressive, I can't imagine there is a whole lot of wood needing chopped in Washington D.C. or on the campaign trail. I'm fairly certain there is no wood to be chopped at the White House.

When our candidates are getting into the age range we're looking at now, it's important that they take care of themselves. Regular exercise, sleep, and healthy somewhat balanced diets are important to ongoing health.

If Bernie doesn't take his personal care seriously, can't go the long haul on physically demanding events (could you see him in Clinton's place during the bin Laden raid, sleeping?), we should be considering this as a part of the presidential package we're seeking.


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