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As an Independent, do I choose Romney or Obama?

Updated on November 6, 2012

This has been a very dramatic and dynamic campaign season in which we’ve seen not only the actions and in-actions of the current president, we’ve also been challenged to unravel the record and reputation of his challenger. Both have skeletons in closets, both have less than stellar records with their constituents.

Over the weekend I decided to take some time to delve further into conspiracy theories about the President, as well as to accept Romney’s challenge to actually look at the record of his governing in Mass. Neither left me with a stronger positive sense of either candidate.

Watching Romney in the third debate strengthened my opinion of the president, simply because I felt they could have put a talking mirror on the stage with Obama and had the same results. I’ve watched him say his policies were a real contrast to Obama’s, yet in the debate, he agreed with every policy Obama has implemented. His only differences were that he said he would be “stronger and better” at things. Well, that’s not so convincing, at least not to me.

On the economy, I see no way Romney’s plan would work to the advantage of middle income families. Looking at his record in Mass. proved anemic in showing that he made changes that benefit anyone, other than a select group of 1 percenters. In fact, the sheer number of vetoes imposed with his legislature, and the fact that most of them were overturned, only further led me to question his statements on how well he worked with the Mass. legislature. It’s been said that he promised Mass. ‘real’ change, but did not deliver. I saw that statement for myself while reviewing his budget slashing, fee raising tactics on the Mass. state webpages.
When the polls began, watching Mass was uneventful. They voted Obama, solidly. That, to me, speaks volumes to his record – the real one.

As for Obama, I consider that he has had a handicap with Congress for far too long. I have been outspoken for the past four years, in shouting from the tops of my lungs (on Facebook) that no sitting incumbent should return to Washington without the promise and commitment to work with the President, should he or she be re-elected. After all, if you or I were to decide we were in no way going to perform the job we were hired for, we’d be fired instantly. The protections afforded Congress for their combative, insulting, downright hateful stance has to go. We are the UNITED STATES of America, and it’s time we acted like it. If our representatives in Congress cannot be the voice of the people, and set an example for the nation – one of cooperation and unity – then how on earth is the citizenry supposed to come together behind whatever President we elect? This President has been deeply and continuously disrespected, in my opinion, and should he be re-elected, my hope is that this will change. A different face in Congress is the only way of assuring that.

My ultimate reason to NOT vote for Romney comes because of a deep and emotional conviction that we MUST return to a less aggressive, more peace-seeking nation. We have done good throughout the world, but we have also caused other nations to look at us with sheer disdain. It is childish and naive to assume the hatred we now deplore from other countries is due to their ‘jealousy’ of our freedom. I just don’t buy that, in light of our record of invasion and destruction. I want our country to live in peace, and the notion that we must be aggressive and a threat to other nations to accomplish peace is quite alarming and insulting to the intelligence of our people.

I have watched all speeches by President Obama abroad and find no apologies, as Romney insists. I understand that his stance is one of peace, and I like that about our current President. I don’t feel he is one to back down – and he’s proven that, with the elimination of Bin Laden and his quick action in other cases of aggression. Benghazi is a matter I’ve watched turn into nothing more than a witch hunt, and quite honestly, looking back on the deaths of other dignitaries and citizens under other Presidents, only allows me the opinion that those who oppose the current President, do so with much passion, but also with a bias.

I have listened to Romney insult and demean our allies in the UK, and call those we owe the greatest national debt to, cheaters. I’ve heard him call Russia our greatest foe and I’ve seen the smug (I gotcha) look on his face when asked about the extra 2 trillion dollars he’d add to the military budget, that they aren’t asking for – all indications to me, that he feels if elected, he’ll be able to create or implement another war, and the sheeple will applaud and not question that action.

I’ve read the legal claims by the UAW that Romney personally profited from the auto bailout and quite honestly, I see the connection they argue and a potential reason why he refuses to release tax records that would show that this isn’t true. Given his record of snatch and grab as a vulture capitalist, it worries me that this could, in fact, be true. Since loan proceeds are not considered taxable income in this country, having off-shore accounts for hiding money split with his investors makes sense to me. And I don’t like it or trust that it isn’t true.

I’m suspicious of the Pentagon, who never again mentioned the missing 2+ trillion dollars that was announced in Rumsfeld’s press conference of 9-10-01. It’s curious to me that just hours before the towers were attacked, this matter was revealed, and then never mentioned again. I’ve read his book and there’s also no mention of that announcement or the missing money in it, which makes me wonder why. Given that Romney has stated he would enlist those same people to work with him in a potential Romney white house, gives cause for pause, and reflection back on Rumsfeld and all that missing cash. I don’t like it.

While I don’t buy into the concept of conspiracy theories surrounding 911, I do feel there are many questions about the military blank check and what we should be doing with that money instead. Some would argue that we need to maintain a strong military, and I absolutely agree with that, but the portion of their budget awarded to contractors who go in and rebuild what we destroy in war, is out of sync with a nation with real economic problems to solve. I believe we can have a truly strong military without bankrupting the country for the sake of a few ‘favorite son’ contractors overseas. My greatest fear in voting for Romney, is that we will see more of the same – the free lunch that has already added up to trillions upon trillions of dollars with no one minding the check book at the Pentagon. That has to stop. Romney’s concept of further strengthening the military when we already spend 10 times that of the next 12 nations, really gives cause to wonder if the term ‘war-monger’ is not an appropriate one in describing his policies as leader of the free world. Obama has tried to undo that moniker and I applaud him for that. Romney would be two steps backward, on that front. His policy of privatizing most everything in government is also unsettling and alarming, and also smacks of blank check contractors who have done their share to unravel our economy. No thanks. I can’t in good faith, vote for that.

Ultimately, voting should not be about fear, but for me, this year it is. I believe that’s what the media and all of the pundits on the right have intended it to be, so ultimately I cannot vote in their favor. In my personal life, I stay away from those I consider deceitful and liars, my vote has to reflect my personal life choices as well.

Do I fear a muslim takeover of our country and do I feel our current President’s ties to the muslim elite are a strong enough argument to vote against him? Do I feel Romney going into Ohio and repeating a lie-he knew was a lie- over and over again, to scare voters into voting for him was a fair and ‘okay’ strategy? These are questions I have to answer on a very personal level, before I go to the polls. I’m still not sure, but the decision I have to make is one each and every one of us have to make no later than today. The pressure’s on.


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  • Salvienation profile image

    Salvienation 5 years ago

    I'm guessing you did the right thing and followed you own heart & intuition.