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As election approaches new worries over electronic voting machines surface

Updated on August 15, 2016

Most folks are just about done with this election season. Slice away the relatively small percentage of voters who are ecstatic about the prospects of Clinton or Trump and you have a massive number of potential voters who are Just Plain Done. Sick of the overwrought media coverage and the frenetic pace of over the top rhetoric being lobbed at either camp. But there is one group that is paying very close attention to this election, and that poses even more worries for already frustrated voters.

Hack Checking

Leader of the Free World. Sounds like an important title. Powerful, auspicious … and a blue chip target for hackers.

Coming off the recent news of the DNC hack, you may want to sit down before reading this. But white hat tech groups are ready and willing to tell you just how “easy” it would be for one of their black hat counterparts to hack into electronic voting machines and turn any election upside down.

For anyone worried about tech vulnerabilities the recent gala event in Las Vegas where hordes of Black Hat hackers gathered to swap notes for security firms is likely causing sleepless nights. Are you really secure at all?

Public Relations And Political Parties

That’s a massively important PR question for political parties and just about anyone who depends on technology to connect with prospects and customers. Hardly a week goes by without another hack being announced. From Home Depot to Target to Wendy’s to, more recently, Volkswagen, we see a steady stream of Bad News … and it doesn’t do much to engender confidence in the 21st Century System.

Most of us go through the motions of “protection” in our digital lives, basically doing what’s right in front of us to do, so we can get on with our lives. But if we really sat down and thought about how vulnerable we are, there would be a lot more questions asked and answers demanded.

Security companies, retailers and, yes, political systems that can answer those questions with assurance and professional competence will have a leg up in the consumer PR game going forward. Because, next year, the Black Hats will be back in Vegas showing off what they learned in the past year … and most of what they teach security firms will be all but obsolete before they hit the casinos.

David Firester is the founder of TRAC Intelligence, a threat analysis firm.


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