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Asgardia to Lead the Way Into Being an Independent Space Nation

Updated on November 13, 2017

What Is Asgardia?

Asgardia was founded by Igor Ashurbeyli in late 2016. The purpose of the proposed nation state was to gain access to outer space outside current controlling nations and regulations. According to their homepage Asgardia has over 100,000 citizens, myself included. The process of citizenship takes an agreement of their constitution, email address, and a current name with address.

Citizenship grants you access to send 200KB of data to a satellite in space. One can have the choice to make their submission private or share with friends. I chose to send a short song and my submission was accepted within seconds. It feels kind of neat sending something that will eventually be stored in space!

Citizenship also grants you access to vote in your region. Regions are divided by language and not by borders. People can choose to join whatever region they feel they identify with. Currently a vote is ongoing to be the head of a region and any citizen can nominate themselves.


People Want the Freedom to Choose

There are dozens of micro nations all trying to reach success in some way but there are so many hurdles deployed to stop the behavior.

Will Asgardia Succeed?

How can a nation exist with no physical location? Decades ago the idea of a virtual anything was nothing more than imagination. Now the virtual world seems to be more real than the physical world.

Asgardia plays into emotions and feelings of a certain group of people. People frustrated with the current rules governments make or people who may feel unconnected with the rest of the world. There are dozens of micro nations all trying to reach success in some way but there are so many hurdles deployed to stop the behavior.

Two examples of micro nations that have had some success stories are Liberland and Sealand. Liberland was created in the middle of 2015 in a 7 square kilometer area between Croatia and Serbia. Although the area is very small the support and involvement of the nation is massive. Liberland is pushing hard for recognition from the international community and has struck some minor success. Somaliland, a self declared state within Somalia, has declared recognition of Liberland. Although this may seem like an event of minor significance it is still an event of recognition nonetheless.

The other success story comes from the micro nation of Sealand. Sealand is an old offshore platform used during WWII that was founded by Paddy Roy Bates in 1975. While this "success" story is more of a tragedy it does imply that the law on such things is not always so perfectly clear and open for debate. In 1978 a German man by the name of Achenbach attempted to seize Sealand. Achenbach himself also held a Sealand passport. Achenbach was captured which set off an interesting debacle. Several governments asked for his release and the UK did not wish to get involved because of a past court decision citing that the old fort was in international waters. This prompted a German diplomat to ask for Achenbach's release while visiting Sealand. This in itself shows a de facto recognition of Sealand by Germany for some.


Why Asgardia Can Succeed!

As the world becomes more interconnected it also becomes easier to seek out like minded people. Although Asgardia has no geographical location to move still is a collection of ideas and free thinking supporters who enjoy the idea of having their own nation.

The advantage that Asgardia has over other micro nations is its uncharted waters into space law. With technology today and civilian companies such as SpaceX is it really that hard to believe that in the next several decades civilian space stations or colonization of space would occur?

Although several decades may appear to be far away it is a topic that has been embraced throughout history and is still being exerted today.


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