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Ashley Ann Lewis, 28 arrested for smoking meth in front of infant?

Updated on March 20, 2017

Of all the things in the world that a parent can do to completely mess up their children, smoking meth or doing drugs in the presence is something that takes the cake. The sheer selfishness that comes with doing drugs around ones children is something that I, myself have yet to understand. However, it seems that no matter what we as a society do to warn parents of the dangers that drugs and alcohol have on our children, the more our children are being harmed by them.

Ashley Ann Lewis smoking meth along side her infant
Ashley Ann Lewis smoking meth along side her infant | Source

The victim in this case is a 6-month-old infant?

28-year-old Ashley Ann Lewis from Missouri has been arrested following the posting of a photograph on face book showing the young mother hitting a meth pipe with her infant daughter on her lap. The photograph was posted on the Face book page belonging to the mother’s friend. The picture was originally captioned “Please help my friend Ashley Lewis and I stop using meth. We can’t even stop with a baby around. We need help”.

Ashley Ann Lewis arrested
Ashley Ann Lewis arrested | Source

Was this picture a simple cry for help?

The caption of the photograph in of its self warrants the need to ask if it was a simple cry for help, or if the friend of Ashley Lewis was simply trying to expose the mother for who she really was. Nonetheless, the photograph was turned over to the police, who then located the mother at a hotel where she had been living with not just the infant, but her mother as well. Inside of the hotel room authorities located about eight glass pipes, the same kind that were pictured in the face book post. All eight of those pipes tested positive for methamphetamine residue, and Ashley Lewis admitted that the pipes belonged to her.

Should prosecutors feel sorry for Ashley Lewis

Should prosecutors feel sorry for Ashley Lewis

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Should prosecutors feel bad for this mother?

The Richmond Police Department Detective, Scott Bagley said that Ashley Lewis said the photograph was about a month old, but did admit to him that it was in fact her in the picture smoking meth in the presence of her infant. Detective Bagley went on to further state that Lewis was very upset and believed that her life was over, that she was going to lose her child and never see her again.

Where’s the infant and what is happening to mommy?

As of the date of this writing the infant is being held in the custody of child protective services, while Lewis was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and first degree endangering the welfare of a child. Lewis is being help on a 15,000 dollar bond and is scheduled to appear in court sometime next week, if convicted Lewis can face about 15 years in prison.

Ashley Lewis’ mother told investigators and Fox news that her daughter made a mistake and needed rehab for her drug problem. Now while I agree that drug rehab is important for those that have a drug problem, I think that she needs to be punished for smoking meth while practically holding her 6-month-old child in her lap. Thankfully this case ended in a relatively positive manner as the child wasn’t harmed due to meth use, but who’s to say that if she wasn’t arrested when she was that it wouldn’t have ended up differently?

© 2016 Amanda Seaton


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