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Updated on July 9, 2016

Black lives matter

Nobody really talked about the BLMM (black lives matter movement) until about two years ago when everything started to go down hill. By down hill I mean when cops where/and still are accused of killing black folks just because of their skin color. Do you really think any of this is true? No. All lives matter. I do not care if you're black, brown, red, green, white you are loved the same no matter what. This could be a test? This could be God testing us to see what we would do in a crisis, to really test us to see if we put him first. Please explain to me exactly what the BLMM is really going to accomplish? From where I'm sitting it's been going on for two years if not longer and the only thing it has lead to thus far, is death. Stop the movement stop judging all police officers just because you've had one bad experience. There are bad apples every where you work but you cannot blame the whole precinct for one bad apple. "Innocent until proven guilty." If you'd let God in he would help you, but then again you're protesting something you will not win without a full out war and again that will not solve anything.


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