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Asian Women Aren't Attractive? You Sure You're Not Being Racist?

Updated on April 27, 2013
Sui He, an Asian fashion model originally from China
Sui He, an Asian fashion model originally from China

Do you find Asian women attractive (in sexual or non sexual way)? Have you been attracted to Asian women or never at all? Do you think who you're attracted to has anything to do with the race of the person? Are you just being honest with your choice and preference or are you actually being racist? Read on!

OK, so quite recently when I was at a park, chilling, minding my own business, I overheard a group of underage teenage boys discussed quite loudly their attraction to girls of certain races like it's the single most important thing in the world. I could get my stuff and move somewhere a bit farther away but instead, I gave in to my nosiness and listened in. At home, that night, I found myself absent-mindedly googling about men and women's sexual and romantic "interracial" attraction to each other and found how some people were saying that they never found Asian women attractive. Some even claimed that, regarding sexual attraction, given a good body, an Asian woman is still a turn-off when they look at the face. Not like this is new to me, but it at least refreshed the idea in my head.

I also remember the recent infamous video "10 reasons why I'd hate to be Asian" made by an Indiana kid that went viral on Youtube. In the video he said if he were an Asian, he would most likely end up with an Asian woman, and he said he doesn't find Asian women attractive.

Is Asian Even A Race?

So now the question is, is it true that Asian women aren't very attractive? Short, yellow skin, slanty eyes, no curves, slanty eyes, nerdy, wear glasses, and did I mention they have slanty eyes? At least that's what people are stereotyping them as. But let's say if the girl is not nerdy, doesn't wear glasses, and pretty well-groomed, she's still short, yellow skin, slanty eyed, and no curves, right?

OK, let's say if the girl IS pretty tall and has curves, her skin is still yellow and her eyes are still slanty, right? OK, LET' SAY if yellow skin isn't so noticeable sometimes, she's still got slanty eyes, right? And slanty eyes is such a turn-off, right? BUT! Let's say she has big eyes, well-groomed, tall and all, she's STILL not attractive, right? Why? Well, because she's Asian.

But wait a minute, is "Asian" even a race? It seems that people (in the West) are only referring to "East Asians" when they say "Asians". In reality, Asia covers all the way from Russia down to Indonesia and right back up to the Middle East. So, "Asians" include Indians, Arabs, Russians, and even the Jews in Israel. Get it?

So going back to our original question, the term "Asians" don't really fit the stereotypes anymore. But whatever, let's just say the term Asians only refer to East Asians for now.

Kelly Hu, whom I find very hot (sorry if you don't share the same opinion)
Kelly Hu, whom I find very hot (sorry if you don't share the same opinion)

So Who's The Face of Asia?

In my opinion, you would need to meet enough Asians to decide if they're attractive or not in general. But if you don't have the chance to do that, the next choice is of course... the media, no matter how unreliable or distorted that might be.

Asians are minorities in Western countries, and because of this chances are you probably don't even come across that many Asians in your every day life. And the Asians you do meet, most likely are just average joe's and jane's that you wouldn't find attractive if they're from any other race anyway. So you rely on the mainstream media to make your impression about Asians, which makes it worse. The American mainstream media especially, has the reputation of stereotyping Asians for as long as I can remember. William Hung became the face of Asians, and even though he is a man (well, at least so far as I can tell), he has already set an idea of what "an average Asian" looks and sounds like, man or woman.

The best that we have as the face of Asian women in the mainstream media is probably Lucy Liu or Michelle Yeoh, but (even though each to his own) these two aren't the most attractive Asian women out there and dare I say they fall under the category of average looking Asian women. (I do think Kelly Hu is mad hot, but her alone can't change the impression people have of Asian women in general).

What's making it worse is Japanese adult video industry which is filled with "cute and cuddly" girls who are more than often just girls with curvy body with exaggerated makeups, instructed to act and look all cuddly and cute. The worst is when (ignorant) people started basing their opinions on these girls to decide how attractive (or not) Asian women are just because they have little (to none?) real life experience or interaction with Asian women.


Do you find Asians (man or woman) attractive?

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    • Marquis profile image

      Marquis 4 years ago from Ann Arbor, MI

      I am at the University of Michigan most of the time. Who ever thinks Asian women are NOT attractive need to come here. These women are gorgeous.

      Not all Asians are "yellow" or "short" either. I have seen Asian girls that range from white to copper color. I know a few Asian ladies and they are not yellow at all. As a matter of fact, from the back, they do look like White ladies.

      Some of these Asians women are over 6 feet tall too. They stereotype about Asian women "all" being short is laughable.

    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 4 years ago from East Coast

      There are many attractive people of Asian descent. You are right, so many people only think of the East and know nothing of Russian, Arab, or Indian Asians. They only stereotype and many deny the existence of those that don't fit into their stereotypical predetermined box. Don't even get me started on those who believe the stereotype that all Asian women are submissive and overly nice. Great up, voted up and awesome.

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 4 years ago from Thailand

      I feel this was inspired by a rant lol. However, you make some valid points. Many in the west are ignorant about Asia, but also many in Asia are just as ignorant about the west. Often the west is considered to be attractive, white, rich and often considered 'easy targets' when on holiday. Yet, many I know in the UK are massively in debt and of many different races/backgrounds. As you said already, 'Asia' also has a weirdly broad stereotype too.

      It is more to do with the lack of education, than to do with bad media (in my opinion). But, that said, schools can't possibly educate children about every country and unless they travel, they are unlikely to be 'correctly' informed about a place. Unfortunately those untraveled will continue to get their information about foreign lands through the media ... which does what it needs to to get an audience. We are all ignorant of many places, but should all strive not to stereotype!

      Shared, pinned, tweeted, up and interesting.