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#AsktheGays: Really, Donald Trump? Really?

Updated on June 21, 2016
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I am a mom of two awesome children who teach me more daily than I ever thought possible. I love writing, exercise, movies, & LGBT advocacy.

Is this Possible??

Social media and the meme world is ON FIRE! Thank you, Donald Trump!

I really can't believe that Trump did it.

Trump was once again expounding about how very well loved he is by so many when he was effectively asked how the LGBT population feels about him. Now, especially in the wake of Trump's tweet about how he appreciates the congratulations he was getting for calling the Orlando Pulse shooting the work of radical Islam, this could be seen as very dodgy ground for Trump.

Let's be clear - I'm not denying that Trump has his fair share of supporters. He would not have gotten near as far as he's gotten without support from all branches of society. This includes the LGBT segment of the population; there are a number of supporters from several different cultures and communities throughout the United States. I also understand that Trump is from a certain generation which was not necessarily encouraged to be politically correct, and certainly, Trump has effectively made a career of being politically incorrect - especially lately.

But when Trump told the assembled masses at his campaign rally to "ask the gays" to determine how the LGBT population felt about him, I just about spit my coffee everywhere. In some ways, the phrasing of his response is not a huge surprise. Trump is not a man known for his delicacy or for that matter, trying to be delicate. In fact, he's basically built his presidential campaign on the power of how he says what he does. The most prejudiced person on the planet, though, even knows when to be a little more delicate than to use a phrase like "ask the gays."

Again, I get it. Trump is very easy to make fun of; it seems that every other week during his campaign, he has said something colorful that has garnered him quite a bit of media attention. "Ask the gays," though, in the words of Huffington Post writer Jenna Amatulli, is probably the meme that Trump would never want.

People had a field day with the #AsktheGays hashtag, and it was, quite frankly, hilarious.

“Ask yourself, who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community. Donald Trump with his actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words?” said Trump, on Monday, June 13, during a speech about the horrific shooting in Orlando.

From images of Neil Patrick Harris revealing the words "You're a Jerk" on his hand to Whoopi Goldberg, in character as Oda Mae Brown from Ghost saying "You in danger, girl," people had a field day with the #askthegays hashtag.

It was a delight to behold, truly.

Trump has never been a supporter of marriage equality, and he has been photographed with anti-gay pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress, and Today reported as recently as today (June 21) that Trump was meeting with some 400 anti-LGBT activists - a move which some deem as necessary if he is to truly secure the Republican nomination.

Here's what Trump is forgetting, though - as my mother would say, you can't play both ends against the middle. You just can't and have it work out for you. Life doesn't work that way, much as some people might want it to.

In claiming that he might be a better friend to the LGBT community than those in the Clinton camp, Trump needs to remember that actions do indeed speak louder than words. Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton, has seemingly bounced back and forth over the years about how she feels about marriage equality and the LGBT community, though since 2013 she's been relatively consistent in her support for the community and their rights as a whole. It is clear that Clinton should also review the whole "actions being louder than words" idiom and realize that you need to stand by any words.

Then again, Clinton has demonstrated that at least as far as the LGBT community is concerned, she knows better than to make statements like "ask the gays" as a way for the press to determine how the LGBT community feels about their presidential candidate. #AsktheGays was certainly a definitive statement by a good many individuals - gay and heterosexual alike - that Trump, once again, put his foot in his mouth.

Let's see, then: to date, Trump has spoken inappropriately about Latinos, there are rumors he called Canadians "snow Mexicans", he's spoken about building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, and of course, there is his considerable record about how he discusses women. Add the "ask the gays" comment to his docket, and the global public has an ongoing picture that does not look pretty for Trump.

That is not to say he is going to lose the presidential race - he's still in good shape - but if he continues to be as loudmouthed and inappropriate as he has been, there will come a time when the support he's had will eventually ebb away, leaving him as just another rich businessman.

Yeah...pretty much.

What started it all...


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    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 17 months ago from Arkansas, USA

      Interesting article! Yes, the things that come out of Trump's mouth are flabbergasting. Makes me want to spit my coffee out of my mouth, too. :-) Well said.