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Assad is Winning in Syria

Updated on May 19, 2013

America's foreign policy in the middle east is one of fear and hesitancy of action, thus, the only thing Obama's administration can do is inaction. He draws a red line to invoke fear in the enemy and when it is crossed, nothing is done except the most miniscule of things that are token and will do nothing to stop Assad from killing more than 80,000 and displacing over two million.

This inaction simply has allowed Iran to send 6000 trained forces and has allowed 6000 Hezbollah fighters to enter into the Syrian wasteland to secure regions that Syria's military can no longer do. Assad's most powerful and trustworthy division, the 4th, is commanded by his brother. While it is a former shell of its original strength, probably not more than 7000, it pretty much has sealed Damascus under firm control. But outside of the city, it is a different story and up until Iran and Hezbollah openly defied Obama's idle threats, the rebels were actually in and out of Damascus, never quite strong enough to hold sections but greatly making Assad nervous.

The rebels did take Homs that cut off the road from the coast to Assad. They had also controlled Qusayr. However, it fell today to Assad as the Iranians and Hezbollah attacked and Assad bombed the rebels. Now, the road from the town into Lebanon is open and Assad could use it to transfer weapons as he promised he would. It cuts off the Syrian rebels’ main supply and communications route via Lebanon through which their Arab backers Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE to send them fighters, arms and funds. Homs is in a precarious position now. Worse, Turkey has said it will stop helping the rebels.

Russia and the US have agreed to have a peace conference. Meanwhile, Russia sends Assad at least 4-6 batteries of S-300 missiles and stiffens its naval presence near Syria. Russia threatens Israel not to conduct another attack into Syria or else.

Where is America? Many Americans are asking this as well as most Syrians. Obama is so afraid to do anything that the signal sent to Russia, Iran, the Rebels, Assad and all countries in the middle east is that Obama is just talk and threats. You cannot count on him. Obama is full of excuses to not do something, like the gas usage and redline-Assad used it, then Obama altered the conditions to his redline so he would not look stupid and not be forced to act. Yet, even a layperson can see his bluff.

So, the Russians and Iran intervene while stating, leave Syria to the Syrians and there should be no outside intervention! Yet, they do. Iran does, Hezbollah does, all because America is weak to act, to do something more than nothing. Obama is afraid to use American military power, he is gun shy. Meanwhile, Assad is planning to run for president in 2014 and will accept monitors only from Russian and China. Assad does not expect peace to come because the rebels are fragmented and have terrorist groups among them making any peace talks moot. What are they going to talk about? Assad will not talk with terrorist groups.

The only nation with any guts is Israel. A tiny nation whose future is at risk more and more every day and it does not take an Israeli to see it. Israel will attack Syria again, one can count on it. Will that finally cause Obama to act should Russia becomes bolder? If Israel is attacked?

America's foreign policy in this region is pathetic.Gutless. Wimpy. The only way Assad will leave is if he is killed by some means. But, his death only means total war between the remaining factions. It really seems the only way to stop it the blood is for super powers to enter it.


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    • maxoxam41 profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      Carl, your opinion shows how little educated you are (why is it that people without knowledge always open their mouth?), also your youtube link reflects your cowardice. If you don't want me to nail you next time abstain yourself!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      "Hezbollah is not part of Al-Qaeda or of all those muslim brotherhood groupuscules (mercenary groups at the order of the US). They fight for the freedom of their country."

      Hezbollan fights for whatever Iran and Syria tell them to fight for. They may not be connected to Al Qaeda, but Al Nusra is. The U.S. needs to just let the Muslims kill themselves and back Israel when they feel they need to balance things out.

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Well, everyone has opinion which is fine. An analogy of the Syrian issue is, that many times in everyone's life, you must act even if you are at risk, even if your hunch is that it could not be a good idea because it is the right thing to do. In Syria, both Iran and Russia are openly helping Assad stay in power because it is to their benefit and telling everyone else to stay out. So, is it better that the US does nothing, losing its prestige with friends in the area about its willingness to act and allow Assad to stay in power before all this even started? Or, intervene more openly and with impact to help rebels and hope a free Syria appears from the rubble? If the first choice, the next crisis will occur when Hezbollah armed by Iran, which uses Russian rocket technology, starts to attack Israel again. Is it good for America to be perceived as a weak, paper tiger that is unreliable?

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      5 years ago from Northern Germany

      Syria displays the full controversy of the Arabic Mediterranian and Middle East. There is no such thing as a simple and just uprising of people against their unjust and bad leader. Assat can count on the multiple Christian minorities in Syria. There are conflicts among tribes and ethnic groups. The longer the conflict takes, the more the lines between good and bad evaporate. Who uses chemical weapons? Why are more and more radical islamic fighters entering this war theater?

      As much as Russia may want to keep Syria as mediterranian military base, is this conflict really a deputy war between reemerging Russia and the US? I think not and the US will do better not to intervene.

    • maxoxam41 profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      The Obama administration, contrary to your lies, is deep in the Syrian agression. Who do you think supplies American weapons to djihadists if not us through Saudi Arabia, Qatar? Why do you think Israeli planes can strike any target in the Syrian airspace without impunity? Why do you think Turkey feels empowered to attack its Syrian border without fearing reprisals?

      Hezbollah is not part of Al-Qaeda or of all those muslim brotherhood groupuscules (mercenary groups at the order of the US). They fight for the freedom of their country. Did they ever cut a soldier's heart and eat it in front of a camera proud of their crime? So let's not make the amalgam!

      Once again when it comes to the middle-east or the Asian platform, your "facts" lack objectivity!

      You also forget to mention, is it purposedly, that we killed (with chemical weapons) and are still killing children, women... If you are not aware of it I can download you VERY explicit videos!

    • Josak profile image


      5 years ago from variable

      Really? We want another messy complicated war in the Middle East? How has that worked out for us before?


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