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At Least Be Consistent With Your Stance On Abortion

Updated on July 28, 2015

The logical inconsistencies surrounding those in support of Planned Parenthood are baffling.

Let me back track...

In the past few weeks multiple videos have surfaced revealing the horrible nature of what takes place at Planned Parenthood. For lack of a better explanation, babies are butchered for parts and then sold. Call it what you will, tissue donations or scientific research, it is the deliberate destruction of and profit from human lives. These videos reveal the cold, callous, and calculated business that is abortion. My question is quite simple, where is the outcry from so-called "human rights activists?" Yes, yes, I hear religious people crying out and I am deeply thankful, but where is the outcry from everyone else?

As I mentioned at the beginning, the logical inconsistencies surrounding those in support of Planned Parenthood are baffling. Let me point out a few.

Many people who rightly despise the brutal treatment of African-Americans at the hands of police are strangely silent when it comes to abortion. How can that be? Does all life not matter? As I said in an earlier post, "If babies lives don't matter don't you dare say any other life matters. If we can decide one life does not matter, than no lives matter." The call of many, including myself, that "Black Lives Matter" is rooted in a deep belief that all lives matter. You see, the appeal we make is for others to see all lives as significant, no matter how different they are from you. This logic must include unborn humans. If it does not, you have no right to argue that any life matters. If you get to pick and choose which life matters, then do not be upset when others do the same and it does not line up with your view. We cannot call for individuals to value one life if we are willing to devalue another. You cannot logically argue with any credibility that the life in the back of the cop car matters if the life in the womb does not. Our cry for justice must be extended to unborn lives or else we are nothing more than hypocrites.

Many people who rightly despise cruelty towards animals are strangely silent when it comes to abortion. This one is mind boggling to me. People will unleash the most vehement of attacks when an innocent animal is harmed, yet remain silent when an innocent human is killed. Case and point, currently people are furious with an American doctor who recently killed a lion in Africa. You can read the story here. If you notice, people are calling for this man to be imprisoned and some have even threatened his life. This cruelty towards animals is literally the same thing people approve of when it comes to babies. Where is this outrage over killed babies? Where is the ferocious attack for one who would kill an innocent baby and sell their body parts?

You could run through the list of things human rights activists advocate for and see the same inconsistencies with many of them. My request is simple. At least be consistent. If you are okay with the murder of innocent babies, at least be consistent enough to view all life in the same manner. If not, you are simply illogical and prove you are nothing more than a hypocrite. You are no better than the racist, and you are no better than the poacher. At least be consistent!


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