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Attack of the Media

Updated on May 22, 2013

"Promoting Negative Deeds as Insane"


I have noticed that many people are creating hype around the words crazy, insane and mentally disabled. The hype is stated as the wrongdoer being an insane person, i.e. either to get out of sentencing or to stigmatize people in that category. People do wrong, people misbehave and people get out-of-line. This is nothing new. So, why is this stigma being brought to people of negative behavior?

First, let us describe negative behavior. Negative behavior could be any of relating topics from malicious intent to convicted rapists. It could also mean thief or associate to crafts such as bomb making, gang violence and/or white-collar crime. Negative is negative. We all understand this fact. Positive is not negative and vice versa.

So, why is all this stigma being brought to individuals who have just committed crimes of passion, crimes against the state or federal crimes against America?

One reason and one reason only could be the outlandish ridicule of admitting insanity for acts committed. And this admission must be because of their sentence or circumstance. We cannot all just say, "Hey, I am insane today for the acts I have committed." Insanity and being "crazy" are not two things to take lightly. So, why is it that when people get busted or convicted for crimes, their plea is directed at their mental health?

Most likely, in most cases, their mental health can serve in court or by onlookers as a means to keep them alive instead of suffering convictions of the death penalty. Do not commit negative deeds and do not stigmatize yourself in the realm of insanity for acts committed while you were enraged, aggravated and not thinking of the outcome, especially since we all must face our done deeds.

People are getting away with life sentences and the death penalty for serious, negative crimes. I am not talking about stealing candy from children or slapping your lousy boyfriend. Solely, I am discussing why and for what reasons people stigmatize others and themselves. Admission of done deeds and the reasons, in truth, for deeds done can ultimately bring your weak conscience to sanity. Lying is a main factor in mental health. Liars really are weak minded and have the lack of seeing the truth or even speaking it out loud.

Probably and in most cases, the life lead by an individual that brought him/her to the revelation of the ideas of being insane was coercion. Most people do not act alone when they are "looking" to be insane. Coercive individuals promote this idea to a weaker-minded person and then insist on persistence as a mode to fuel the gullible mind of the stigmatized.

Once one person says you are something, does it necessarily mean that this one person is correct beyond reason? No, I think not. I think that one person or five people, for that matter, cannot be correct in any circumstance over another individual's own thoughts and conscience. It takes admitting the real truth and facts to have a guess as to what really transpired in a person's mind in regards to negative acts and acts of malice. What was your intent? What ideas lead you to do what you had done? What could you have been thinking? These questions are ideas in the form of a question that will try to bring out information on certain subjects.

The bringing out of certain subjects takes admittance and admitting the truth is very difficult but not law. Lying is okay if you are not in court and under oath, supposedly. People do it all the time. People lie. Lying takes place within families, around friends and complete strangers lie constantly to one another. Lying is part of life.

Stigmatize nothing. There is nothing set in stone that will bring about the mind's cure for helping itself in its own environment. Brains are powerful. Whether you are the mailman or the weatherman, your brain functions or does not function in certain environments. We know this fact is true. People, in general, have brain chemistry meant for certain demographics, vision input and feeling input from outer sources and the environment. Hence, this is why people have migrated from farming to an industrialized culture with technology.

Our brains are powerful but can only take so much. What if the brain was the reason for your actions, as though you could not control physical or mental statuses? People, in majority, would be "out cold" or left to whither. Our society would be letting go of those of us who are not fully capable of retention of laws, public policy and/or humanities. Our culture thrives off of letting go and not stigmatizing. Really, please think about that idea. People really just move along, pass each other and try to retain nothing so that they can move on in peace. Without the pure impulse to stigmatize their passerby, society has been letting go and not stigmatizing their counterparts in and around public locations. There are the few that act in manners that are negative and deserve a greater attention to detail, especially since breaking the law is forbidden.

But for instance, who are these people getting stigmatized the most? Is it the schizophrenics? Is it the depression patients that seek to gain happiness? Are the people that have mental disabilities only wanting to act in malicious ways against society?

There is a line to draw. This line would entail the conversion of ideas. Change your beliefs, please. I beg to you, my viewers. All the individuals in the Mental Health system are not fully capable of the intent to harm, actual lewd conducts or malice. Just like outside of the mental health system, it takes a certain individual in a certain circumstance to commit an act of indecency or criminality.

There is not a real cure for stigma but there are people willing to fight it, accept it and feel nothing towards it. Mentally, we are all different. Our makeup is really a work of art and our individual assessments are all differentiating from one makeup or another that has long been a way of life. I am me and you are you. Are we the same? No, we are completely two separate beings. Should I stigmatize you? No, I should not put stigma on you but in some cases I might just do it. Should you stigmatize me? No but you will probably do it just like I have done it.

It is a vicious cycle that remains steady and popular.

Activists seem to cure, for themselves, the connotation that is all encompassing around stigma and who or who not to stigmatize. Stigmatize them but do not stigmatize those people. This last sentence is an ongoing endeavor that stimulates. "Who are we to choose to stigmatize today?"

Criminals get the worst of stigma, then mental health patients and the last, third party that would get it worse than those two are the criminally-insane. This bunch of personalities form a real dilemma. This group not only commits the most negative acts but is unforgiving to themselves. They know it is wrong, they do it anyways and then they call it correct while society and the law look upon them as criminally-insane.

Think about this, if you will. The word insane has a negative connotation towards it. The word criminal is no better in relation to how society views it.

"Both words put together must mean we have to stigmatize." I really feel for individuals that do not know how to act accordingly or progress within and with society. Those people will never understand what it is like to prosper in society without breaking the law.

Seriously, stigma is powerful. Whether you are a man or woman, stigma is there. Getting feedback and asking for commentary on your ideas, beliefs and works always result in stigma. People have always been quick to point and blame others. Whether this is from not comprehending the individual or from lack of knowledge, people look to point their fingers and blame others.

Rejuvenate your senses about mental health. Please read about it and educate yourself. Stigma has created the decline in civilization because of the lack of the need to fight for oneself. Defense is against stigma. Educate on mental illness and defending yourself verbally. Key components in life are around every nook and thought.




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    • silver2row profile image

      Seth 4 years ago from Louisiana

      Hello...I did some quick research. I did not delve into particulars. I just grazed the surface of the broad subject and typed in general terms from what I read, gave my opinion in some of it and then combined the two (general facts and opinion). You are right...the heading is lacking and the "brain chemistry" part is vague.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 4 years ago

      I do not see how your Attack of the Media heading fits in with this hub, and I would need to see some documentation to accept some of the points you made about brain chemistry and location. You have the basis of a good Hub, but I think you went too far afield in some instances.