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Attacks on MBTA Bus Drivers

Updated on July 5, 2013

Bus Drivers

Bus Driver-Fear

Attacks on MBTA bus drivers; have made drivers fear for their lives because of the element of surprise. He or she doesn't know when to expect when and unruly passenger steps through the door.

Cordially to rules and relations drivers has to do their jobs, even though they are alone, isolated with no decent protection. There are camera on some buses, but it's still not enough protection. 22 Acts of violence has been inflicted on bus drives, by teenagers with nothing better to do than start trouble.

Passages who rides MBTA transportation want to feel safe. In March 2013 a bus driver was beaten by 15 teenagers.. March 11/2013 a group of teenagers tried to pull a 53 year old bus driver through a window. Another Bus driver was assaulted and hit in the face by a woman with a cane, she was taken to the hospital for treatment. These crimes are inexcusable and need to be dealt with extreme punishment. What can be done to stop these acts of violence on MBTA workers?. Rewards should be offer to any one who knows about these crimes. Arm polices person should ride late night bus, protecting the lives of passengers and bus drivers. If a group of teenagers are at a bus stop , and the driver are in fear of his life and his passengers he should continue to drive. Who knows the life he saves might be his own.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      Bus drivers has a job to do and has to abide by rules. If everyone got a free ride they wouldn't have a job.They are poorly protected, isolated and in other words alone. Bus drivers are now targets to all those who , wants a free ride.