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August Sun City Democratic RIGHT NOW Information & News

Updated on August 20, 2016
Stop the propaganda against the MOST qualified candidate for President ever!
Stop the propaganda against the MOST qualified candidate for President ever!

Talking Points for Hillary Clinton... Stop the Propaganda!

Join the Sun City Democratic Club every first Thursday at Fairway Recreation Center at 6:00 pm.

The program on August 4th at 6:00 pm is all about how to present your points about Hillary Clinton factually with great passion and with great persuasion. We will work on short cogent statements to tell our story and promote our candidates based in facts and told in a polite manner. Next article reveals the truth....facts to counter the propaganda and lies!

We will also learn to not waste our time on those firmly against Hillary for all the wrong reasons! We will learn who is persuadable and who we should work with. This is called a persuasion paradigm, where those on either end of very much yes or very much no are not persuadable. Those in the middle are the persuadable. Reveal the truth!

After the Conventions we can see that the forty years of propaganda about Hillary Clinton has taken root in the minds of those who ignore the facts and reality of her service and action. This meeting will help you present the facts to counter act the propaganda.

As usual, our wonderful over-the-top kitchen helpers will provide great treats for those attending. Thank you, Marsha, Mikki, Deb, and Sibyl..... and my bad if I forgot anyone's name who helps. (Just let me know and I can fix this!) Homemade cookies? Real cream for the decaf? Margaritas? oh myyyyy......... Meet you at the treats table.

The Sun City Democratic Club is open to both Democrats and Independents, and all RCSC members and their guests. We are very active and involved in the Sun City Community. Email us at:


Facts About Hillary

Here are some bullet points that are fact checked from the talk at the Sun City Democratic Meeting on Thursday, August 4th.

Subject & Bullet Points:

Benghazi Facts

During the Bush Administration

  • 13 Embassy attacks
  • 66 deaths
  • 3 American diplomats killed
  • 22 Embassy employees killed
  • Number of investigations ZERO

During Reagan Administration10 embassy attacks

  • 318 deaths
  • 1 US ambassador killed
  • 18 CIA officers
  • 254 Marines
  • Number of investigations ONE

During Current Administration

  • 2 embassy attacks
  • 4 American deaths
  • Number of investigations THIRTEEN

Cost to Taxpayer for partisan witch hunt:

14 Million


Congressional Republicans cut embassy security by $128 million in 2011 and $331 million in 2012, and then ignore Hillary Clinton’s warnings that the cuts would be ‘detrimental to America’s national security.”?


  • Bush/Cheney admin used private email servers owned by the RNC and 22 million emails were deleted
  • No FBI or House Republican investigations then.
  • Politically motivated hearings are the standard in the GOP Republicans are hypocritical, vindictive and blind to their own failings.

Recent Republican Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condi Rice used private email servers on which the State Department says the definitively “handled classified information.”

FBI investigations? ZERO

Republican House committees? ZERO

Fox “News” outrage NONE

That’s why the Email “scandal” is BS.

Affordable Care Act

“Obama Care”

  • lowered the huge escalation in health care costs
  • Made pre-existing conditions not a method whereby the insurance cos. could legally not cover you after you paid in all your life
  • Made it possible for doctors to write Rx that are best for you and not merely more cost effect for the insurance companies.
  • And oh yes, insured 20 million more people
  • Made sure no one had to die for lack of funds.
  • LATEST Aetna is pulling out of ACA .....because the Federal government may not be in favor of them buying Humana. This is a business bluff. Take a look a the whole article right here:

“The next time someone tells you that Obama is destroying the economy, remind them that the stock market and corporate profits are at all time highs.

When they tell you that this hasn’t helped them any, remind them they’ve just admitted that Trickle-Down Economics DOESN’T WORK!!

Vote Blue!

So, Hillary is the worst of the worst for using a private server….. Ford pardoned Nixon. Reagan sold arms to Iran and funded a secret war that congress knew nothing about. Then lied to the American people about it.

George Bush Sr. told us no new taxes….

His son lied about Iraq’s role in 9/11 and led us into the costliest war in the US history.

Cheney outed a covert CIA agent as a political payback (Valerie Plame)

And Hillary is the worst for using a private server?

Time for a little perspective.

Republicans and women

Voted against….

  • 1974 Equal Credit to allow women to apply for their own credit cards w/o men co-signing
  • 1978 voted against the Pregnancy Act. They wanted to keep the employer’s right to fire pregnant women
  • 1980 voted against allowing women to report sexual harassment, as ‘men will be men’
  • 2012 voted against Equal pay for equal work “Men should be paid more.” And directly from President George W. Bush’s mouth “It will hurt business……”
  • 1994 & 20912 voted against Violence Against Women Act which helps victims of domestic violence and rape and educates law enforcement
  • 1972 fought to keep single women from purchasing birth control. It took the Supreme Court to make it available for all

Trump & Putin. Yes, It's Really a Thing

This artical deserves a full reading and FULL credit..... so here is where you will find it on the Internet:

I paraphrased from what I put on the screen from this article...... please read and share this information!

Trump is heavily involved himself as well as his campaign managers with Putin and the oligarchs.

One of the Videos Shown..... Trump Violence


Paul Penzone Event

Here is a great way to help elect Penzone for Sheriff. You are invited!

The Penzone campaign is putting together an event that's for people involved in partner organizations and activist groups who are working really hard to elect Democrats and/or working hard to make Arizona a better place to come to an event to have some fun. There will be a really fun band and the club is providing free food. I'm reaching out to all of the LD's to make sure they get an invitation. The details are below.

Its called Engaged Arizonans for Penzone

Tuesday August 9 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Club Downtown- 702 N Central Ave, Phoenix85004

Free food and live music by Ghetto Cowgirl

Here is a link to the Facebook event and I attached a flier to this email

See you there!

Democrats on the Ballot for LD 21


It is important for you to vote all the way down the ballot!

Federal Offices: President Hilary Clinton

P. O. Box 1366,

Merrifield, VA22116-9550

U.S. Senate Ann Kirkpatrick P.O. Box 34421

Phoenix, AZ85067

U.S. House (write in) Joe DeVivo

Arizona Offices AZ Corporation Commission (vote for only two)

Tom Chabin

William (Bill) Mundell

Maricopa County Offices

MaricopaCounty Supervisor : NA

Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board (vote for only three)

Alexandra Arboleda

Benjamin Graff 602-819-8969

Jim Holway 602-753-6118

Sheriff Paul Penzone 602-899-2341

Recorder Adrian Fontes

Superintendent of Schools

Michelle Robertson for-maricopa-county-superintendent-of-schools


Treasurer Joe Downs 480-356-0409

Attorney Diego Rodriguez


Legislative District Offices:

House of Representatives (vote for only one)

Deanna Rasmussen-Lacotta

Printed in house and paid for by the Sun City Democrats

Media...Fair or Not?

Do you think the media has favored covering Trump over covering Hillary?

See results


Here is an article about six sites to check your facts. Next time something unbelievable comes around you can verify if it is true or not at one of these sites.

Pleas each site has the information of origin of the fact verifying organization.

Some of the sites are political and some are technical but in this era of fast and plentiful information you need this kind of help.


Coffee with the Democrats

Join a convivial group for coffee every Monday morning at 9am at the Star Bucks on 99th Avenue and Bell.

We meet each other to discuss current events and plan our next activities to TURN ARIZONA BLUE! Need a buddy to work with during this election year? Here is where you find someone like minded.

Have an nice cup of coffee or tea and or your breakfast with us! We have filled the senter of the the store completely in many cases. In fact, the store is getting a new larger table just for us!

See you this Monday!

Hillary Clinton's Full Acceptance Speech

Editor's Note: Watch the speech below and keep in mind that Trump said his hard work in business was as much sacrifice as the death of their son. We must organize and TAKE ARIZONA BLUE!

Join Us at the Hillary for American Opening Saturday

Hillary for America

is opening a new

Phoenix office

on Saturday August 6th at 2910 N

Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85012.

To RSVP go to the website or this Internet address:


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    • NMLady profile image

      NMLady 19 months ago from New Mexico & Arizona

      Hey! Help us take Arizona BLUE! Phone bank with us.

      Phone banking to help elect local Democrats has been moved from Dianne Nesvig’s home to the home of Shirley McA. The next scheduled phone bank is Saturday, August 13, 10 to 12 a.m.

      We are letting voters know the names of our Maricopa County candidates and Deanna Rasmussen-Lacotta, candidate for AZ House for District 21, as well as cleaning up the calling lists. Our efforts will ensure that future phone calls do not go to wrong numbers.

      Because some people have trouble hearing with others talking in the same room, Shirley will let volunteers take their lists home if they will commit to having them returned by Tuesday evening.