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Aung San Suu Kyi-The living statue of liberty

Updated on June 30, 2013
Suu Kyi addressing a gathering
Suu Kyi addressing a gathering
Photo taken in 1947,showing Suu 's parents and elder brothers, Suu Kyi is the two year child infront.
Photo taken in 1947,showing Suu 's parents and elder brothers, Suu Kyi is the two year child infront.
General Aungsan-the father
General Aungsan-the father
Her wedding, with untiring lover-Dr.Michel Aris
Her wedding, with untiring lover-Dr.Michel Aris
Suu Kyi and Aris-happy were the byegone days.
Suu Kyi and Aris-happy were the byegone days.

Release of a brave leader

 On Saturday,the 13th of November, the Myanmar government released  Mrs.Aungsan SUU Kyi, the vetern fighter for people's right ,fron  a long long house arrest of 15 years.This was in response to World pressure on Myanmar government( a so- called elected government,in the hands of militery top brass). alongwith mounting internal pressure.


Mrs Aungsan Suu Kyi is the daughter of General Aungsan,who fought for the liberation of Myanmar( Then called Burma) from the British rule. So,fighting spirit is inherited in her.Her mother ,Dr.Khin Kyi,wasthe ambassador to India, in 1960s.

Suu Kyi was born on 19th June,1945 in Myanmar.Her school education was continued in New delhi as she came to India with her mother who worked as a decent ,and intelligent ambassador here. Surprisingly,the house wherre she stayed,24,Akbar Road, is now the headquarters of Indian National Congress.The room then used by Suu Kyi, is now used by Mr.Rahul Gnadhi!

Suu Kyi continued her higher studies in Britain.She was very good at her studies.After her studies, she married Mr. Michel Aeuries,who was a professer in Oxford university.She stayed happily in England, as a satisfied housewife, begetting two sons,Kim Aeuris and Alexander Aeuris ( the first one os now settled in Thailand and second one in USA) .She has not been allowed to see her these children for the last ten years.

Starting of struggle

She returned to Myanmar in 1988 to meet her mother who was suffering from illhealth,only to understand how the rulers were badly treating the people, for whose freedom her father had fought. Myanmar was in the hold of militery rule since 1962.She lead processions and made public speeches against the government to establish basic rights of the people.But that only took away her own freedom.She was arrested, charges were levied, her patriotism was suspected as she had married a British and stayed for long term in England,etc.She was not allowed to move out. She lost her mother also.She was now alone in life, but for the people of Myanmar, who saw in her, her father's spirit. They supported her and her party.But the militery rule curbed all fights mercilessly.

Jailed life

Mrs. Suu Kyi has spent 21 years in jail. In 1990, the rulers had released her to fight the elections.Her party,National League for Democracy had won the majority.But even then,She was not allowed to form government,She was again arrested after a brief period of freedom in 1995 and kept under house arrest.Now she is released, without knowing how long this freedon will be allowed to enjoy.

How was house arrest?

Mrs.Suu Kyi was kept in a big white bangalow with the first floor.It had a spacious area around it, and surrounded by a lake.No body was allowed to meet her, excet her advocate who was permitted to supply her with some newspapers and journals.Radio in her residence was connected to only five stations.No telephone or internet connection was provided.One doctor used to visit her once in a month for routine health check-up.She was denied visa even to visit her ailing hesband in England. Even he was not allowed to visit her.She was not allowed to walk putside.

In such a situation, she maintained her mental stability by meditation, reading books, and exercises. She was allowed to have the services of two maid servants.

International community had imposed resrictions on Myanmar government for curbing the rights of Mrs.Suu Kyi. But now, the government has acted.

Millions of people in Myanmar Call her 'The Lady' with full respect.Undubtedly, she could be compared to Nelson Mandela. She is the linig and moving statue of Liberty.

A week later....

A week later after her release, on 22nd November 2010, the rulers of Myanmar have issued visa to her son living in Britain. It is after 10 years he is seeing his mother. That son is now 33 years old.

Now,for presidentship

Recently, about two months ago, Mrs.Suu Kyi has declared in undoubted terms that she aspires to contest for the presidential election of the country, when elections are held next. No doubt, she will get elected. That will be a great victory for democratic fights.

But, challenges still remain for Suu Kyi,and it is not easy to meet them. She has to bring up the economy of the country to a respectable level.She has to keep china away.She has to bring a balance between muslims and Buddhists who are fighting against each other.

We Indians, and peace lovers in the world wish she should win in overcoming these challenges.Because,there lies the success of democracy and peace of the Indian Sub-continent.


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    • hafeezrm profile image


      7 years ago from Pakistan

      Aung san suu kyi is a living legend who is fighting for the oppressed Burmese. Year before last, I toured Myanmar. Though it was a very and peaceful country, I found a great respect for Aung san and it appears as if it is lull before the storm. She is now free but certainly she is being watched like a hawk.

      Thanks @Prasadjain for your candid views.

    • Edwin Clark profile image

      Edwin Clark 

      8 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

      She is a remarkable lady who deserves more world attention.


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