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Austerity in Europe is Working; We Need it Here

Updated on February 26, 2013

The evidence is in. European nations have cut spending, and the Eurotrash have not risen up in revolution. The austerity protests have been controlled by the state police apparati, and governments have not been forced to change course from the drastic cuts to social spending and jobs. Unemployment is up; therefore, the population gets weaker by the day. Specifically, a 1% drop in gross domestic product (national spending) reduces real incomes by .6% and increases unemployment by nearly .5%. These cuts will save corporations money and lead to future prosperity, for corporations. And that is why the sequester is a great idea.

Soon, those protesting austerity in Greece, Spain, Italy and all over the continent will run out of food and supplies and the only jobs left will be in the police forces. A police state is the only good state. Just ask any libertarian. This is the chance European nationalists need to get rid the undesirables from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East along with some of the unwashed from Eastern Europe. Once they have a purer, Europeaner class of citizens, all will be well.

People like Paul Krugman and even the IMF have told us that unemployment has gone up under austerity. What they don’t talk about is the high unemployment has been due to the lazy immigrants and liberals that make up much of the European populous. When nationalists take over, they will imprison and exile the riffraff. Then things will be better for everyone.

An IMF report says that, “Recent IMF research provides an answer to this question. Evidence from data over the past 30 years shows that consolidation lowers incomes in the short term, with wage-earners taking more of a hit than others; it also raises unemployment, particularly long-term unemployment.” While this might be true, they fail to mention the job creators. What have the socialists in Europe done to the job creators that they refuse to create jobs? And what about drastically cutting taxes, have they tried that? Cutting taxes will surely increase revenues.

Besides, austerity in Europe mainly affects the poor, and I am sure that would be the case in the United States. The poor don’t really add much to our economy or culture, so why bother trying to help them? Moreover, the U.S. is big, bigger than Europe and it’s 27 nations. So, a few of the nations do poorly, like Spain, Greece and Ireland. Germany’s doing quite well, thank you. So if Mississippi, Alabama and Arizona suffer, big deal. The rest of us, and I mean the wealthy, will do fine under austerity.


Youth unemployment has gone up under austerity, but as soon as we get rid of the minimum wage in the United States, that won’t happen. And heck, we have the military and prisons to pick up the slack of unemployed youth. And the military employs bomb makers while the prisons employ guards, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

If it weren’t for the communist trade unions in Europe, there would be no austerity protests at all. Luckily, we have already crushed unions to a large extent in the United States, so protests of coming austerity will be relatively small.

The fiscal cliff, the mother of all “doomsday machines”, is also a great deal of those hoping for the second coming, for it is sure to hasten the apocalypse. What the fiscal austerity cliff apocalypse (ACA) means is we might get to cut into Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other communist institutions of the devil that give hand outs to the 45% of undeserving people in the United States. Romney had it right when he said he didn’t worry about 47% of Americans. The only downside with the cliff is tax hikes. However, there will be no end to tax loopholes that job creators tax advantage of.

Sequester means thousands of jobs will be lost all over America. So while the workers in America become more and more desperate for any kind of work we can give them, corporations will still be able to make millions and to continue use loopholes written for and by us to pay lower effective tax rates. As the ACA approaches, I suggest Americans pray for better days. Asking Congress to use people’s tax dollars to help the people who paid the taxes is certainly a waste of time.

Sequestration means that fewer kids, the undeserving poor ones, will get Head Start funding. Airport lines will increase, for those in coach. First class air travelers will still be treated as first class. FEMA would be cut as would unnecessary food inspections so the government would do less harm. Fewer people would be able to afford higher education, thus leaving education to the most deserving members of society, children of the wealthy.

America needs austerity. It works to keep the unclean in control in Europe, and it will work even better here.

Tex Shelters


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