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Closing the Gap: Acknowledging the Frontier War

Updated on February 25, 2017
Mick Beet profile image

Hi, I've grown up on a Vegetable farm,and was a grower for 30 years .

Aboriginals coexisting with the British

Many Australians do not even realise the effects brought about by the order of the incumbent British high command, which had power and control over the land, to eradicate the Aboriginal people.

Problems relating to alcohol, drugs and mental health have been rife within the Aboriginal communities for decades. "We need to be proud and walk tall. We need the youth of today to break the cycle."

Historians share many different views on these events, which inflicted so much pain and suffering on the Aboriginals. Disappointingly, Australia’s War Memorial has yet to set aside a place to recognise this event.

I truly believe the Australian War Memorial would be the most fitting place to educate Australian’s on this historical event and honour the tragic past the Aboriginals endured. In my mind, this is a war crime that Australia has never taken ownership for in terms of recognition and reconciliation.

The Aboriginals fought hard against the modern weapons (guns) introduced by the British colonists, which they had deemed a necessity for the settlement of Australia. It has been estimated that 65,000 people died in this conflict. Approximately 2,000 soldiers, police and settlers also died during this conflict.

As a mark of respect for everyone that died in this tragic war, the Australian War Memorial should be the site of the frontier war historical remembrance.

Australia’s past needs to be confronted. In doing so, Australian’s will be able to demonstrate honour and respect to the generations before us that have paid the ultimate price. The present needs to be cleared of any uncertainties surrounding those dark untold days. Past wrongs need to be admitted to and apologized for so that our history is passed on correctly to future generations.

Should the War Memorial recognize the Frontier War

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Lest we forget, people paying respect for the souls of the Frontier war on Anzac day.

They were treated cruelty by the Colonists.

News report from the Australian free to air network.

Australian Frontier Wars: Keith Windschuttle and Henry Reynolds at the National Press Club

These videos matter,yet nothing has really been done to showcase the issue!

These videos matter, yet nothing really been done to showcase this Major issue of Australian History!

Yes, nothing has really been done yet at the Australian War Memorial. These videos, which I have shown here is an example of the feelings that many people here in Australia have about this topic.

The progress on reconciliation has been very slow at the least. I think it’s a deep underlying issue that many Australian people want to bury under the sand .Even though the conflict did happen over 80 years ago and lasted 100 years prior that, I feel that we will never give it the exposure that it deserves.

All we can do is push an area at the Australian War Memorial to highlight the events of the Foundation war, like all the other Wars Australia has been involved and fought in.

Please feel free to share my article.

Whats your view?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Not bad Mick.. well written mate.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      2 years ago

      You bring up an interesting topic. I didn't even know such a conflict happened.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      3 years ago from San Diego California

      Yeah it's over, water under the bridge I guess, but they should have a place to go and remember those who struggled. Great hub!

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      I live in New Zealand and the attitude here is so much different! Here the crown has owned up to many of the mistakes it made and sought to put them right, It's not perfect by a long stretch but here Maori and Pakeha stand tall as one people, both perform and celebrate New Zealand in both Maori and Pakeha ways!

      The first verse of our national anthem is in Te reo Maori and in both languages it's a prayer!


    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 

      4 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      I believe that the true facts of history should always be brought forward and remembered. Children need to understand what their country and forefathers went through to help to create and sustain their country.

    • CorneliaMladenova profile image

      Korneliya Yonkova 

      4 years ago from Cork, Ireland

      So sad :( My native country has the same problem. Some people are solidly trying to change and even erase important parts of the history. :(

    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 

      4 years ago from East Coast

      Unfortunately, it is common for some people to attempt to ignore or even attempt to erase certain portions and events in history. It takes a great deal of time and effort to change some people's minds and hearts or get them to even look at facts. Some people refuse to change but with time, it is possible that acknowledgment via a memorial can occur.


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