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Self-Defense and Survival:Awareness and Preparation are the Keys

Updated on December 22, 2012

Watch and Be Aware of the Signs of the Times!

Some background for awareness:

I've been an over-the-road driver in the corporate moving business for over twenty years. When I took over running a cross-country truck for a Mayflower agent, it was because police found the last driver, Danny knocked in the head and left for dead on I-20 outside of Atlanta. Even though he didn't have his wallet when the police found him, they didn't think that he had been robbed, since all the company checks for moves were located in the semi. I was the one sent to retrieve the tractor-trailer unit. I personally knew that Danny had over three thousand dollars in his wallet when I'd seen him just the week before.

When I arrived in a taxi, local daily helpers were waiting outside the gate hoping to catch a moving job with the out of town drivers. Since I was wearing a driver's uniform, they all inquired if I was doing any work that day. When I responded with a curt "No," that ended the curiosity for all but one man who walked along with me wanting more info.

When I replyed that I was there to pick up the abandoned Tallahassee truck, he responded with, "Oh the truck from that guy that got knocked out and robbed for $3500.00.”

I stopped short and turned to look directly in his eyes and said, “It's real funny that you know he got robbed for 3500, because he came to with amnesia and doesn't even know he was robbed!” He paled visibly, gulped and walked away.

Danny couldn't even remember his name, the cops would not have even known who he was except for a birthday card inside his jacket that said “Happy Birthday Danny,” and had his mom’s phone number in it.

Upon inspecting the truck I found that Danny had been somewhat prepared, as there was a disassembled sawed off shotgun with a pistol hand grip, but it didn't do him any good broke down and in the cabinet at the head of the bed. Although he had intentions of defending himself, by failing to realize that he was in a dangerous situation, he was subsequently robbed by his casual employees and left for dead alongside the interstate.

Officials at the moving company ignored my suspicions that their employees had been involved, yet stated that a total of five Mayflower drivers had been stabbed or knocked out and robbed in the last six months within two miles of their office. Needless to say, I brought my own help when doing moves in the Atlanta area!

Companies, news organizations, and government agencies continue to cover up or lie about things that you should be aware of for your own safety.

This event helped to alert me to the dangers involved and the need to be aware of my surroundings, vulnerabilities, and even my co-workers. Over the course of twenty years of driving semis over two million miles into all the major and small cities around the country, my being alert and prepared saved me numerous times. I've managed to survive basically unscathed from five assaults of 3-5 individuals at once, as well as, more than a dozen armed robbery attempts. All of this without being injured or robbed, not because of my superior abilities at self-defense, but because of being aware of bad situations and being prepared emotionally and physically to deal with it, whether escaping a bad situation by fleeing or dealing directly with the thugs. More evidence of the depravity of humanity.

An old proverb states that the wise person sees the dangers or snares that lie ahead and avoids them, while the fool proceeds on to his demise.

The crime rates at that time were largely attributable to the crack cocaine epidemic throughout this country. Now threats are more diverse such as the rise of school, work place, and public venue shootings such as the Dark knight theatre incident in Denver.

Violence against college students is higher than other groups, with 454 incidents out of 100,000. Thirty-five college women out of 1000 are victims of rape, and one out of 14 college men experience assault. Since the downturn in the economy in 2008, rates for most violent crimes have risen 18%.

While I’m a firm believer in the right to self-defense and the right to bear arms, not everyone should own a firearm, yet everyone should be prepared for violent crime invading their life, especially with the economy already faltering. The high violent crime rates alone should convince most law abiding citizens to consider learning self-defense, or carrying something for defense such as pepper spray or a stun gun. Again not everyone should have an actual firearm, especially when young and subject to high emotions. Always check out laws regarding self-defense in regards to any of these methods.

Other things to consider are the severe weather that can cause breakdowns in civil society such as Hurricane Sandy or Katrina. Many experts in security say that society is only nine meals away from breaking down into chaos and anarchy; in other words three days. Many experts forecast major economic problems in America and Europe that many experts believe could still lead to world-wide depression, civil unrest, martial law, as well as collapse of the entire banking system, the demise of the U.S. dollar, and massive hyperinflation. Others discount this fiscal cliff as an imaginary obstacle. Is it?

Our large national debts and continued printing of money can have dire consequences such as the collapse of the dollar along with hyperinflation. For those who might discount this as simply conspiracy fodder, consider that 21 countries have gone through this in just the last 25 years. Unrestrained debt and money printing always played a large role in the collapse of country’s economies such as Argentina, Hungary, Zimbabwe, France, Greece, Mexico, and Germany’s Wiemar Republic. My grandfather Erwin Mueller showed me a 500 million mark note from the Wiemar Republic period that could not even purchase a loaf of bread. The German mark had gone from worth four marks to the U. S. dollar to 4.2 trillion to a dollar. All of the world's paper currencies eventually crash, most at around the 40 year mark.

This economic collapse with massive hyperinflation was also what allowed Adolph Hitler to rise to power in Germany. While no one can say for sure what will happen, history should teach us that we are treading on dangerous territory.

So what happens when a currency and an economy collapses? Things such as the riots and civil unrest that are still going on across EU, especially in Spain and Greece. For those of you that think that these things can never happen here in the U.S., think again. Apparently, the DHS and other police agencies see these as possible, as they all are stocking up on riot gear, check booths, armored vehicles, weapons, and ammo. DHS alone has acquired 1.4 billion rounds of ammo and several million MRE’s for what they think could be massive civil unrest, riots, and martial law being imposed. Is it coincidence that more than ¾ of a billion rounds are hollow point ammo? Hollow point ammo is not commonly used for target practice, and is also against the Geneva Convention to use in warfare, but are designed specifically to kill.

When considered along with other things such as NDAA, (National Defense Authorization Act); which authorizes the indefinite detention of American citizens without a warrant or trial, and the building of many FEMA detention camps. Let me suggest that you being aware of what’s going on may be important to your very survival. Criminals on the streets might not be the only criminals to be aware of or be prepared to protect yourself against. Of course, I could just be a paranoid conspiracy nut like Mel Gibson played in Conspiracy Theory, so check out some of these things for yourself.

For the sake of your own life and your families, be aware of what's truly going on in the world around you. Don't be lulled into complacency by the smoke and mirror illusions put out by deceitful governments and the main stream media. We are on the precipice of truly perilous times in the near future!


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