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B - 52s Violate Chinese Airspace.

Updated on December 20, 2015
B - 52 And Its Armoury On Display.
B - 52 And Its Armoury On Display. | Source
Map Of Disputed Area.
Map Of Disputed Area. | Source

Bone Of Contention.

Since China built artificial islands in the South China Sea it has been an irritant to other nations bordering this area. Namely: Taiwan, Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei all laying claim to this area and its an area the US has been keeping an eye on too since Obama stationed American forces in northern Australia.

When B - 52 bombers flew past this area and in the vicinity of a man made Chinese island Chinese air traffic controllers apparently warned the planes but the American planes just kept on flying with their routine mission from Guam.

The Americans maintain in international air space and international shipping lanes they have right of way and this claim clashes with the Chinese version of what happened with the B - 52s.

The American ambassador in Beixing was summoned to discuss the incident with the Chinese government. We live in an era now where the Chinese particularly in the area of the South China Sea incorporating the Spratly Islands are asserting themselves on the world stage.

Also the Chinese are currently actively involved in Africa with trade and sending settlers there and building railways and other modern conveniences for the Africans but who is really benefitting the Chinese or the Africans. The recent visit by the Chinese President Xi Jinping to the UK was greeted by some as good as regards jobs and economic co - operation such as the Chinese building nuclear power stations in the UK and others being wary.

The US and others will have to get used to the fact that China is rising and has been for a while both militarily and economically and will be a major rival of the US in this Century we are now in.


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 24 months ago from Blackpool

      Might not have even been bravado unless the US was delibretly testing Chinese defences as Putin does with the UK's airspace.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 24 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Nice post, but this is an act of just bravado with little meaning as on earth and sea China remains in control