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Updated on October 5, 2012

What a simple statement could do.

Obama must know who he is dealing with; and it is not just Mitt Romney, but a host of people, with some really unscrupulous individuals among them; and they think that they are the rulers of the United States. Therefore, they will do anything and everything to get to him (Obama), because they want him out of the White House.

The headline on CNN a few days ago read, "Business lords want the GOP ticket to be aggressive." and if anyone thought that was a joke, he or she should think again.

The Secret Service, the FBI or any other law enforcement department could not investigate that statement, due to the freedom of speech first amendment enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Yet, it (statement) was serious enough to raise eyebrows around the country among those in the know.

From his performance the night before at the first debate between himself and Romney, it seemed that they (unscrupulous individuals) have threatened his family, daughters and wife, and that must have caused him to be as unassertive, as he was. In fact, he was as mellow as a debutante, and that saddened a big portion of his base.

As for his own person, there is no doubt that he knows why he is surrounded by the Secret Service, and always has such tight security around him, whose purpose is to protect him.

However, he has sacrificed his life, just as a member of the military, for the service of his country, and so, he should not be afraid of anybody or anything.

With that said, he should have faced his opponent without a shred of fear in him; but he bowed his head, for most of the time in the debate, and he would not look him (Romney) straight in the eye, when he spoke to him; but why?

That struck many people to be either that he wanted to look suave and genteel or that he was scared; yet, scared of what?

Romney, was not going to bite his head off; and all the media did for him (Romney) was to put Obama to his left, which signified that, technically, he (Obama) was a victim.

Obama might have forgotten who he was (and still is). As Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, he should always acknowledge that he has the whole nation behind him; and though, he was on the stage as a politician, the office he held did not change in any way.

He should be bold to tell Romney that he knew where he was getting financing for his campaign; from the rich and powerful, who did not need the middle class and working people, but for their labor, and to exploit them for what they basically were, the work force or "the work horse" of society.

That was what the 2012 presidential election was all about, that the wealthy would back Romney to maintain the status quo, which was to hold on to the control of the economy, evade taxes and use loop holes in the U.S. tax code to their advantage, in addition to having "the work horse" under their firm control. The "balance sheet" of Wall Street was more important to them than what would happen to the rest of the country's population.

For Obama to raise their tax burden from as low as 15% to a whopping 35% rate would hit their portfolios very badly, and they would never, never want that to happen; meaning that the most awful thing the wealthy detested was for anyone to raise taxes. To them, losing money was losing power of the people they lord over. That was exactly what taxes did.

Obama's task was arduous and formidable; but if he has volunteered to champion the cause of the middle class and ordinary workers, he should be able to stand up to the one, who personified the "business lords".

They wanted him (Romney) to be aggressive, and that was what he did yesterday (10/03/12); and that showed that the campaign was not a place for nice guys. It was going to be rough- and-tumble for anyone, who was determined to wrestle power from them; including Obama, of course.

One other thing that he (Obama) fell for was to stand on the right hand side of the stage, as said before. However, he happened to be the president, and he should not allow the media moguls to push him around. He should choose where he would want to stand, and that should be the left of the screen or to the right of his opponent.

That has great significance in the media world, if he did not know.

P.S. To stand on the right of the audience or the right of the screen denoted weakness; an element that is not required in a leader.


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