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Updated on September 28, 2012

He can be wrong more than right.

The rant on President Barack Obama's record by William J.Bennett, the former U.S secretary of education, makes fascinating reading. (CNN, 9/28/12).

He has methodically listed every little mistake the president has made, from his inauguration to the present, leaving nothing out to prove his background as a political guru, who recognizes utter failure, when he sees one; and titling his essay, "Why you shouldn't vote for Obama".

He thinks that he has done a fantastic job in highlighting all the faults found in Obama; but he forgets to list along side them with the opposition that the Republican Party has sworn to give Obama, since his election as president of the United States.

The Congressional Republican Party members in both chambers have, as if by design forestall every proposal the president has put forward, from health care to immigration, and have cornered him from every angle to make sure that he fails in whatever he attempts to do.

However, like most Republican politicians, he tends to be realistic on only the important things to himself and be negligent of what matters to other people. That attitude gives him away as self centered and selfish imbecile, who will ignore the needs of the majority in society, and thinks that is the way to ultimate accomplishment for himself and his associates. He views prosperity through a telescope, instead of a microscope, so to speak.

He throws out everything, except being narrow minded and intellectually savvy in his waking hours on life as it has to be lived; and then when he sees something that is out of place in his opinion, he tackles it with all the venom he can muster.

Obama has been "out of place" all this time for William Bennett, and the the question kicks him in the pants that, "who is this guy to be president?"; and not knowing or remembering that others are watching to see the manner the intelligentsia, as he is, will treat him.

If they treat him nicely, thus when they criticize him constructively, then much of it (criticism) will stick; but it they are reckless and beastly about him, and attack his every move, that will drive most people to support him.

What is happening in America today is that the Republican Party, of which Bennett is a staunch member, and not just so, but a vociferous, king-pin conservative as well, has thrown real life out of the window, and its members are going after what is essential to only themselves; and so, a host of the people have been marginalized in society.

It (party) has chosen a multi-millionaire to represent it in the 2012 presidential election; and why? To splash money around; and with the help of what is now a feature in politics, the super-PACs, which can extract so much contributions from other wealthy groups and individuals, to build a war chest for a candidate, and that will make it impossible for anyone else to compete with; hence, Mitt Romney, the quintessential business tycoon and rich man.

Now, Obama and Romney are diametrically opposed to each other, in terms of social backgrounds and the fortunes that they have; and the scene has become one that puts each of them in one camp or the other; meaning the rich or wealthy and not so rich or the practically needy camps.

The middle class and working people belong to the latter camp, and they form the majority faction in society; and Obama has been very smart to align himself with them.

Therefore, in an election such as this, the "red line" is drawn; and to ask people to choose sides, the natural will happen, that each person will look at his or her situation and decide as to which category he or she is part of.

So, no matter what William J. Bennett says or writes, he can hardly change the circumstances that are prevailing in American life today; warranting a divisiveness that has been in the making by himself and his own colleagues, the Republicans..


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