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Updated on February 23, 2011



Nuhu Ribadu running for the presidency of Nigeria, nothing can be more fitting than that. It is only in Nigeria that a Nuhu Ribadu can happen. In any society with any sense of value such a joke will never happen. Nuhu Ribadu is a joke, Nigeria is a joke and both are lies. Ribadu is a clueless neophyte who lives in a neverland; a fairyland where headless men and women come to play, the sordid Nigerian political space.


Ribadu is a gullible and execrable pun in the toxic hand of a very putrid fart. The undiscerning Obasanjo’s hatchet goon who in his beclouded existence and, who never for once truly understood how the selectively vindictive Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) sham worked while he was there; now Ribadu believes he has finally learned all the rules of the game and can come to play in the arena where men and women bathed in very foul excrement play all day and all night long; this Nigeria.


Yes, today he would moronically bask in the shadow of that hollow mockery, EFCC in his puny and faltering attempt to attain the apex of the rotten mound – Nigeria. Of course he would gather a following, an indiscriminating audience because he is a Nigerian and has Nigerian political setup for a platform; the dirtiest and most accursed in the world.


With the recent report credited to Nuhu Ribadu gloating over Nigeria’s Genocide in Biafra, it is sad because no one would have taken his first political step on a worse footing. But one could not have expected a falser step from a false society and its phony people and all those that would represent them. By the very nature of their culture; the retrogressive jihadist vandalism of the Nigerian state and its people, and Ribadu as the typical representative of that culture and society; they have no idea of how to build a society that functions based on the principles of freedom and good neighborly existence, no one expects anything better from them. 


For them a society only exists in constant chaos and bloodletting. Ribadu could not have known a better opening sentence to address a gathering of his type because for him and his audience anything goes and they have no ability to discern between what is right and what is wrong. Neither Ribadu nor his listeners understand the pain of a murdered people because for them it makes no difference. They are incapable of such level of sensitivity and refined existence where they can project themselves in the place of their neighbors to feel their pains because in the first place they inflicted those pains and pride themselves in so doing.


Nuhu Ribadu carelessly and completely murdered his chances at any leadership position anywhere in the world and at anything in life because he is indecent, indiscreet, uncivil and insensitive to a people’s pain and suffering. The Genocide in Biafra is one of the world’s most horrifying shame that continues to stare the world in the face; demanding to be addressed properly. And while the victims of this terrible injustice still await justice it is unpardonable for anyone to be so insensitive enough to mock and gloat over that dark moment on the face of human history.


In his opening speech at his inauguration as the presidential candidate for the political party, Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Ribadu had the temerity to say that looking back a little that he and the rest Nigerians appreciate how far they have come because “. . . in that cold moment of our national discord, during the civil war (Biafra’s Genocide), we came together. . . Any time we come together, no force, negative and retrogressive can defeat Nigeria. We can do it again”.


By this Ribadu confirms that Nigeria is nothing but a gang up of a bunch of iconoclastic bullies who only know how to obstruct positive forces of progress and development and never how to get on that great road themselves. Let him, Ribadu go check the records, Biafra was neither negative nor retrogressive. For the three years when Biafra first existed, she achieved in that period of so much pain, death and human suffering a level of progress that Nigeria has only dreamt of in its fifty years of existence.


Just two examples will suffice, in the short space of three years, Biafra indigenously produced her own precision-guided rockets and refined all her fuels that kept all the vehicles and industries in Biafra fully operational. Today it will be necessary to remind Ribadu that though in his moment of euphoria when he got carried away and boasted that they can do it again that he is wrong. Someone may need to remind him and his Nigeria that they will be sorry to try again this time because time has changed.


Biafra is a positive and one of the most progressive forces that this world has ever known and will never be defeated, never again. It is too late for Ribadu and his Nigeria because Nigeria will be disbanded. For an illustration, Ribadu needs not ‘look back a little’ let him look at Sudan. If he looked carefully enough he will get a clue from the hegemonic Khartoum. South Sudan will be free on the 9th of July later this year and the next freedom bells soon after, will be ringing all over the hills, valleys and waters of Biafra and there is nothing that all the Ribadus and al-Bashirs can do about it.


It is terrible enough to note that the Nigerian state and people have maintained the stance of no remorse for the gruesome murders of Biafrans all over Nigeria in 1966 and the subsequent invasion of Biafra’s territory during which they murdered a defenseless 3.1 million children, women and men in the name of keeping Nigeria “united”.


It is bad enough to speak ill of those who died because they were unjustly murdered but worse and completely unpardonable when the speaker is the killer of the victims. So, even when Nigeria is a country that is only fit for rabid dogs and howling jackals, Nuhu Ribadu is grossly unfit and irredeemably below all those that can rule Nigeria or anything else for that matter. Ribadu and his ilk in Nigeria joined hands together and murdered 3.1 million Biafrans for no just reason and continue to deny them their right to sovereignty, freedom, progress, security and good governance but they will never enjoy any of those till Biafra has been set free and that day has come, it is now.




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