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Attacking the President 101+102 in 2013, and beyond.

Updated on February 15, 2015

Blackmailing the President and holding the world hostage

Holding the government and the world hostage by gunpoint
Holding the government and the world hostage by gunpoint | Source

Blackmailing the President

blackmail by any other name is still blackmail. We can call it extortion, coercion, terrorist threats, political pressures, bargaining tools, compromises, or just plain politics. It has no place in our politics.

The 2012 presidential elections are over at last and we are rapidly moving forward into the next four years with the same basic players in Washington.

Those campaigning jokers took over our lives via television, robo-calls, computer ads, text messages, etc..., to the point of nausea.

We "thought" is was finally over but nothing has really changed at all.

We still have:

  • a Democratic (Muslim, non American, black president that wants to turn America into a socialistic country - not MY words but rather those who will do anything to discredit him);
  • a Republican ruled House of Representatives (Obstructionists),
  • and a Democratic ruled Senate.

The GOP/tea party mentality has not changed and their "just say no" political stance has not changed, so do we really expect anything else to change over the next two - four years?

The GOP / Tea Party as openly avowed to stop any kind of progress, and reverse those already made by the current Administration, until they can be in charge of this country again.

They have openly vowed to "shut down this government" if Obamacare is not overturned -- THAT is the primary GOP goal for America as long as they are not in charge of the Presidency and the House. They are not only blackmailing the President, but holding the American people as hostages to force us to vote the GOP (corporate america) into full power.

The only hope this country has, if we can survive another two years of the same old obstructionist behavior in Washington, is to vote out those radicals from the House of Reps. during the mid presidential term elections. Otherwise, it will be politics as usual in D.C. where nothing changes and nothing gets done.

Call it blackmail, extortion, coercion, terrorism, threats, or just plain "politics". The result is still the same.

The republican party has sunk to a new low. Just when you think they could not get any worse, they manage to surpass themselves in order to kiss the butts of the wealthy - to appease their benefactors, their heroes, their "Gods" and push their radical conservative religious agendas onto the people.

In stead of focusing on the economy and the business of actually "running this country" the GOP has another focus. They are campaigning for the the 2016 elections with full force starting from day one with a secondary focus on destroying this president any way they can.

Politics as usual

This is NOT politics as usual. This is a true abomination. Here it is in a nutshell- the GOP/tea party agenda for 2012-2016:

  • Give the wealthy their tax breaks (blood money) or we (the republicans) will stop middle class tax breaks (raise their taxes) and stop the "freeloaders" [quote/unquote] from getting anymore unemployment compensation, food stamps, or low % student loans.
  • Get rid of entitlement programs that help the needy, infirm, sick, elderly, poor, and desperate in our society because they are all too lazy to work, and just want to sponge off the government. (you know - that infamous 47% of Romney rhetoric).
  • Destroy Obama care - not because it is a bad program, or because it will cost taxpayers any major amounts of money, but because it is a program that this Administration actually managed to get done when the GOP could not. The fact that the American people will be harmed by getting rid of it, is of no consequence to this obstructionist party.
  • Cripple the economy even more, by eliminating jobs, sending businesses overseas because they can exploit foreign workers easier than the American citizens, and be able to pay that extortion money to the wealthy for backing their "special" interests.
  • Take away the retirement benefits for the elderly that they (we) worked hard for all our lives. But protect themselves (congress) from changing their guaranteed retirement for life even after one term in congress.
  • Get rid of medicare/medicaid while congress enjoys the best medical insurance for life at the expense of the American people
  • turning women's rights back 100 years or more. Taking rights of choice away from women, banning contraceptives (for women only, of course), outlawing abortions for any reason, giving employers the right to decide if women deserve more pay, insurance benefits, or equality.
  • So far since the 2013 elections the House of Representatives have introduced 1500 + bills that takes women's rights away from them and allows Government to mandate their health coverage, and their reproductive rights. And the states that are run by the GOP are attacking women at an alarming pace and getting away with it, without debate or input from the public.
  • Return to the days when discrimination was common place, by fighting for individual states to have the right to deny rights to women and homosexuals.
  • continue to fight progression that will give us sustainable and renewable energy sources without exploiting and destroying the planet.
  • Denying that there is a global warming problem to protect the corporations from having to spend any of their profits to put in safeguards against their pollution. The recent news has stated that 95% of scientists around the globe now concur that this global warming trend is man made - and yet the GOP still denies it.
  • Get government out of the lives of Corporate America (you know the ones who have the same legal status as the individual citizen, who have tax loopholes, kickbacks, humongous annual bonuses, who pay little or no taxes and still want more)
  • Get government involved in mandating morality against the individuals, take basic human rights away from women, gays, aliens, doctors, etc..
  • Since 2012 elections the House of Representatives have introduced the same legislation to repeal Obamacare over and over. It was shot down 37 times and yet they continue to vote on it over and over again. Now that it is the law of the land they are vowing to de-fund the program to cause it to fail, with absolutely no regard to the millions of Americans who will once again lose their coverage
  • There is more, but i think we all get the picture...

And we can only expect more of the same.

by: d.william 02/10/10

Will these be the same old crap - rehashed in 2016?

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© 2010 d.william


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for your comments. It truly is a sad state of affairs in Washington DC. Unfortunately the republican party is either totally blinded to the facts that they are being used by these giant corporations, or they are selling the american public out for the money they get from these giant thieves. Either way, Greed is the ruler of this country.

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      There seems to be very few in government willing to go against the wishes of the controllers of government namely the banks and the corporations that depend on them.Republican or Democrat.