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Updated on August 21, 2016

The recent race riots in Milwakwe has given an opportunity for hooligabs to destroy local buisness in the name of "justice" Destroying black-owned property in the process. They are destroying their own community, to a point to which the sister of the slain man who started these riots, Syville Smith told the rioters 'Don't destroy our sh*t, we need our shit. Go to the suburbs, destroy their sh*t.' This is the same BLM that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is endorsing. While not all of BLM is wrong, there is systematic racism in the United States, it does not excuse the destruction of black-owned property aggravating poverty in inner-city regions. Svile Smith was a convicted criminal who would not release and pointed it at a black police officer leading to him being shot. I believe BLM needs to weed out its opportunistic thugs and revert to its original purpose, to prevent and protest the disproportionate amount of young black men being killed on the streets while the officer is on either paid leave or administrative leave.

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'Race rioting in Milwakee read the headline. It's title may be ordinary but its implications on American society are noteworthy. Sylvite

BLM protesters have been known to chant "dead cops now"


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