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BLM, Transgender, and ISIS! Oh My!

Updated on December 9, 2015

To Begin

BLM, otherwise known as the Black Lives Matter movement. Transgender students. ISIS terrorists. When is the last time any of you can recall a day, a newscast when one or more of these topics did not lead the news, or at least was mentioned in the news? I can't. One of these is something the world is coming to grips with, the other two seem to be uniquely American. Let's take a look at each of these and then I will give my own opinion of them along with what I would like to seen accomplished.


The first thing I would like to say here is...


There, got that off my chest. As I have stated here before, the BLM movement seems to have begun once Michael Brown, criminal, was shot dead in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Why was he shot? He failed to follow a direct advisement to get out of the middle of the street and walk on the sidewalk; he then attacked a police officer in his car, attempting to gain control of his weapon; he caused the weapon to be discharged inside the car; he ran away after being told to stop; he then turned and charged the police officer, requiring the officer to shoot him dead in the streets.

Mike Brown: criminal. Attacked police officer. Dead.

But, he was black, purportedly unarmed (after he failed to take the officer's weapon) and was shot dead. Should be no big deal, right? Yet, for whatever reason (we know the reason: lies told by people and the media saying he was unarmed and had his hands up is surrender) he was taken to heart by a portion of the country and a cause erupted.

With that situation leading the way for a riot on the city streets of Ferguson, buildings burned, people harmed and a city in turmoil, a group of "citizens" began crying for justice. Their saying became "Black Lives Matter". And to that I say yes; Black Lives do matter. But so do White Lives, Asian Lives, Indian Lives. All lives matter. But if you think for one moment that Black lives matter more than any other, your are sorely deluding yourself. You are no more important than I am, or any other person here on this world. And if you are trying to bring justice to your streets and homes, maybe you should start by bringing those who break the law in your streets and homes to justice first. Weed them out; eliminate them; remove them from your population. If you do that first, by yourself and in conjunction with authorities, you might find out your neighborhood is a little better than it was before. Remember: the Lord helps those who help themselves. Quit crying about your black men being shot dead while breaking the law. Quit crying about law enforcement using deadly means to halt the criminals. Quit crying about how you are persecuted by those in authorities: the statistics bear out that the black society living in America today have a far, far higher crime rate than any other segment of the country. If you stop breaking the law, stop causing law enforcement to watch out for you and expect you to be a thug, you might find out that law enforcement is quite easy to get along with.

Just sayin'.

For those of you who still do not understand how to not get into trouble, feel free to watch the video below. Pretty well says it all.


Transgender. I had never even heard that word before the last year or so. Transvestite, yeah I had heard that one years ago (Remember The Rocky Horror Picture Show?); Transsexual, heard that one too. But Transgender is a fairly new term and from what I can gather means someone is "confused" or "in transition" from one identity (read sexual thought patterns about themselves) to another. For the most part, I am seeing this in boys being, becoming, wanting to be girls and dressing, acting like, wanting to use a female restroom and/or locker room.

What gives?

When did this become an issue? Has there always been a segment of society forced to conform, to act "normal" when they felt otherwise? Possibly, but a part of me thinks this is nothing more than a fad of sorts, a "look at me I'm different" situation that is really not what it is being portrayed as. What the media wants us to believe is that these poor children are confused about who they are; are they male? Are they female?

Now I don't want to be judgmental, but I do not believe all of these children are really as confused as they seem. This boy may be a little less masculine that that boy, but you know what? That's okay. Not every boy is a jock; some are more than just muscle and bones. Some may be more inclined to design software when they get older than play ball; others may be interior designers, chefs, dress makers, or some other profession that seems to be the current wave of uhm, well, you know. I know, I know, I shouldn't be afraid to say this but it bothers me that this segment of humanity is thrust in our faces so much of late. I truly do not care if you are homosexual, transexual, transgender, whatever: JUST DON'T MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT! So what, in other words.

But for whatever reason, it seems to be "cool", "hip", "in" to be bi-sexual, cross sexual, homosexual anythingotherthanyouaresexual today. Why, I don't know or understand but there it is.


ISIS is an organization which seems to be the terrorist group du jour. Beheading is their speciality, along with the bombs set off in locations intending to harm or kill innocent people. the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is another extremist group of jihadist militants that control both Iraq and Syria, and with an estimated population of in excess of 2.8 million people.

But this group has grown with the times, utilizing the modern form of communication (texts, internet, etc) to get its word out to those confused, angry, lost souls world wide and turn them into radical extremists who willingly blow themselves up in a crowded room for their seventy some odd virgins in the next world.

On to those who are currently in this country, those radical Islamist's who plot our destruction. Read this little tidbit:

"Membership in a terrorist organization does not prohibit a person from possessing firearms or explosives under current federal law," the Government Accountability Office also reported in 2010."

So, one can belong to a terrorist organization within this country, be on a "No Fly" list for the FBI (too dangerous to allow to fly) yet be allowed, legally, to purchase a gun from a dealer. How insane does that sound to you? When I read that, I nearly lost my mind! What in the hell does our Government think someone too dangerous to fly would do with a gun!?!? Target practice? Go plinking in the backyard? Shoot some squirrels? Maybe go duck hunting? Come on!

Common sense. It has become a lost facet of our lifestyle in America today. There are so many "experts" out there who tell us something when they do not really know what is going on. This is but one of perhaps thousands: if someone is dangerous, too dangerous to fly why oh why can they still buy a gun? And don't blame it on the NRA; they do not run Congress, the Senate, and the President. They have a say-so based upon their clientele but they do not have a controlling interest in government. Enough already: fix it, now. It's broken. Do it now, do it right.

Now, on to why our youth are becoming jaded enough to join ISIS. Well, could it be our government is crooked? Maybe. Might it be they're bored? Possible. Or could it be they just have no common sense left? Lack direction? Lack morals? Are not properly motivated? Maybe spent too much time on the Internet? Are unsocial? Mixed up? Confused?

Yes. How can anyone feel pity, feel love, feel part of America in any way then attempt to destroy innocent people like this? There is something wrong inside their heads and it has been noticed, perhaps commented on, even treated but no one BELIEVES they would harm a fly. Hogwash. There is a segment of society today that thrives on harming others, that believes it is okay to cause pain. ISIS draws them in, indoctrinates them, brainwashes them into believing they matter to the "cause". Then, they use them and throw them away once they have completed their "Mission", their deaths and the deaths of other passive, innocent people.

Notice this group never attacks an armed entity like the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or National Guard. No, they only attack unarmed people, places, things. They operate below the radar, in a "guerrilla" type of warfare (if you can call it that) against an idea, a belief. They "fight" for their belief against our way of life. Now, I don't agree with everything that goes on here in America but so long as it doesn't harm anyone else, well okay.

But not ISIS. No, they want to eliminate our country, our people albeit one small act at a time, through terror, fear, and the spreading of lies and misinformation. Well, if they want a war, then maybe we should give them what they want. Our Bible says to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Maybe its time we stopped acting civilized to those countries who refuse to act civilized. If they want to kill innocent people, maybe it is time we acted accordingly. Remember that movie from years ago, The Untouchables? "If they kill one of yours, you kill two of theirs." Not exactly United Nation stuff but if the little dog keeps pestering and biting the big dog it should eventually expect to get its ass kicked.

And that brings me to my thrust here today. I am TIRED of America laying down constantly to threats. We talk (way too much), we place sanctions, we rattle our sabers and do a whole lot of nothing the vast majority of the time. We allow small groups of people to dictate how we behave, who we allow to do what, what we believe. Take this Transgender situation on the news lately. The Government threatened to remove federal tax dollars from the Chicago suburb for the Township High School District 211 if they did not comply. Remember: this is a boy who dresses like a girl and wants to shower with them. So, he (HE!) gets his way and will shower with them. They have to install shower curtains of course but still he gets his way.

What about the rights of all of the girls involved? Why is it not okay for them to stand up and say no? What about their being uncomfortable with being in the locker room in various stages of undress with a person who has male anatomy? Of being seen by him? Of seeing him? Why is this acceptable?

Civil Rights mandate this, but our rights as a nation to say no to such things is no longer recognized. It sickens me to no end.

There are so many instances where a small entity, group, gathering demands their fair share plus. Just being allowed to be is no longer sufficient; now they must be elevated to a position of authority above others. Black Lives Matter more than any other color of skin: ask them. The rights of one outweigh the rights of a hundred, a thousand. The ability to cause terror through the beliefs of one's religion outweighs the right to pray to whom you choose. If I am right, then you are wrong and should be punished for not accepting my rights. I matter; you do not. If I "identify" as a person of the other gender then by God you better let me get undressed and shower with those I want to be like. If my religion says that you are an infidel then you deserve to die. It doesn't matter what you think: I'm right. I matter. You don't.

This "I matter more than you so you better cowtow to me" attitude is eating away at my patience. I am a patient, understanding man but there is a limit to my goodwill. When you encroach upon my turf, my religion, my standard of living you have crossed the line. I will allow you the same as I allow myself and family but no more. You want, desire, require equality, you need to allow it in others.

Miss Black America. Black History Month. NAACP. Black Film Critics Circle. Latin Music Awards. Awards and acknowledgments, contests and organizations that exclude others simply by their name alone. Can you imagine if there was a Miss White America pageant? A White History Month? Maybe a National Association for the Advancement of White People group? Maybe a White Music Awards ceremony? The outcry, the racist remarks that would be made because White People decided to treat other ethnicities as they treat the rest of the world at large?

But if it is acceptable for them to do it, why not the white race?

On the transgender thing: I can see something happening sometime in the near future where a group of males "identify" as girls and decide to go out for the basketball team or volleyball team of a high school. They might be decent enough athletes to become pretty good, and then they win against a team comprised of entirely female players. Would there be an outcry? Females are allowed to play on male teams; why not the other way around?

This intermixing of the sexes may be good in some arenas but is it truly good for all areas of our country? All facets of our lives? One has to wonder; and one has to wonder if what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

A final thought: one might notice there is no comment section on this hub. I eliminated it on purpose; not to halt someone from commenting here; rather to encourage the reader to contact their representative, congressmen, elected authorities to give them their take on the situation. If you agree with the direction our country is going, do nothing; it will continue. However, if you disagree and feel we need to rein things in a bit make the contact. Let our government know we are dissatisfied with the direction we are going and it is time for a change.


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