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Updated on May 10, 2012

If this was not something going wrong, then nothing else would be.

If there was ever a person doing something deliberately to foster his or her own downfall from the top of a career, it was the announcement by Obama that he supported "homosexual marriage."

He knew that it was a taboo in American politics; an issue that would destroy the best of people, if they ventured to tangle with it. That with the position that he has acquired, it would be more than playing with fire, if he accepted a life style that a majority of his support did not agree with, and that majority would dry up instantaneously or become delinquent.

Many people realized that what made Joe Biden to go on national TV and admit that he was "comfortable with men marrying men and women marrying women," would spark such a big controversy; but they also had the belief that Obama felt strongly about the issue, and that he would deal with it in a very responsible way.

He would make the horror that came out of the Biden interview to minimize, by saying that he was a different kettle of fish from his colleague, and that his position has not changed.

If he had done so, his credibility would have been intact; and although the controversy would not die down, he would have saved face and his position. Rather for his stance to have "evolved" in the right direction, he decided to go contrary to popular opinion; but why?

Now, he would have no one to turn to; he was alone and standing out like "the king with no clothes." as exactly as what his detractors would want to see him.

This time, it would not be the fault of the Republican Party that has dealt him in; it was his closest ally making him put his foot in his mouth, and therefore he would have no one else to blame.

Was there a "Mutiny on the bounty" in the White House that nobody was aware of, and that it would surprise the whole world to see Obama becoming a victimized person to that plot?

The media might have sensed the mutiny, and so they prodded him on to make a statement that would catapult him into obscurity; and if this outburst was not the one, what would it be?

Those, who were heterosexuals were baffled in such a way that they would not know whom to vote for, if the 2012 presidential election was held today; and talking about "standing your ground", they thought they had someone, unlike George Zimmerman, to do it the right way. Yet, were not they wrong.

Their disappointment has been one from Jakarta to Maine, and they were wondering what could be next; as now, the "ten foot pole" syndrome would not be an exaggeration, and they would move away from politics and put their time to doing something more rewarding, like writing a book of horrors.

They were shocked beyond belief.


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