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BP Oil Spill: Gulf Coast Update - #4

Updated on August 15, 2011

BP Not Fulfilling Pledge on Claims

Promises Not Kept

As everyone knows by now, the BP oil well, that caused so many problems along the gulf coast, has been permanently sealed. It took about three months to get it sealed. That was far too long. People are asking; "Where is all the oil?" Come to the wetlands along the gulf and you will find your answer. That's all I will say to those people on this subject. The environmental impact will be felt for years, if not decades along the gulf coast. The cost is not really even known for sure at this time. Lawsuits are being filed against BP for not following through on their pledge to speed claims quickly to people most affected by the oil spill.

It appears that BP has slowed the claims process after promising they would make good on "valid claims" as soon as possible. That has not been the case. It appears now they are constantly changing department heads, in the claims process, in an effort to show they are doing what they promised. This has not been the case at all. Here along the gulf coast, people are at the end of their rope financially. The promised claims checks have not come when needed. As a result, people are losing their homes, cars and their businesses. Locally, here in Alabama, heated meetings have taken place with BP executives. In fact, some have gotten out of control and police had to step in when some people became too vociferous in their anger. One senses that BP is all about style rather than substance right now. They have the oil well capped. They seem much more relaxed and casual in their actions.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley has vowed to keep pressing BP to send the checks to those whose claims have been languishing since the outset of this disaster. Of course, none of this excludes BP from any future lawsuits that are surely to be filed by the state, local businesses and individuals affected by the oil spill. I'm certain BP is hoping to head off some of the lawsuits by "processing claims judiciously." I don't think there is anything that can help BP head off financial disaster now. In fact, the rumor making the rounds on the gulf coast is that BP is close to filing Chapter 11 for protection. That will be fought by virtually everyone on the gulf coast. One business is absolutely thriving due to the oil spill; trial lawyers have more business than they can handle right now.

The economic cost of the BP oil spill is going to be with us a long time as the lawsuits wind their way through the court system. Meanwhile, people will lose their livelihood. In fact, many people have already lost their way to make a living. Few commercial fishermen are making any money right now in their trade. This will continue for quite some time. Oyster beds are not being allowed to be cultivated. Oystermen are getting hit probably harder than any other commercial fishermen. The oil absolutely wiped out many oyster beds along the gulf coast. When they will be viable again is not something anyone is willing to hazard a guess at present. Shrimp and crabs have been hit hard. But, after the initial kill, they seem to be coming back. I still eat seafood. They say it is safe now. But, the restaurants have not recovered in any case. Some old restaurants that were already on the edge of economic collapse due to the economy, have boarded up. The possibility exists they will never come back after being in business for up to 20 and 40 years. One thing that many people here agree about; BP doesn't really give a damn despite their PR push on TV and radio.


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  • profile image

    Jim C. 

    6 years ago

    American Romance, Where do you see all this fantastic fishing happening? You sir sound like talking points from BP, I see hurting people, Dying wildlife,Wetlands that are hard to breath around, This disaster wont be fully realized for decades. I have held a otter wishing it would die rather then slowly suffering watching it gasp its last breaths. Sir, Your stories of SUCCESS in the gulf is not reality.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Sheri, until there is a viable third party in this country, we will never have a federal government that gives a damn about the ordinary citizen. This, super fund is being held for reasons unknown at this time.

    breakfastpop, that big super fund set up by BP is not releasing funds or not releasing them to the people who need it most. Why that is, well...I think you can figure that one out.

    K, it is supposedly out of BPs hands. That is what we were told. Yet, all you hear are politicians saying they are going to force BP to process the claims. It's confusing as hell! No one really seems to understand what is happening. As for the wetlands...anyone who thinks it hasn't been really affected by the oil need to take a visit into the barrier islands of MS and AL.

  • KFlippin profile image


    8 years ago from Amazon

    So David what happened with the $20 billion that was set aside and put in that ...can't remember his name....hands to pay claims? That part I don't understand. I thought this was out of BP hands, the claims process, and now in the hands of the government's appointed third party?

    And the wetlands should be getting constant media coverage, should have been a priority from the get go to suck up that oil before it got to them or build something to divert it -- too bad only the local government had eyes to see that!

  • breakfastpop profile image


    8 years ago

    Sadly, none of this surprises me. Obama put on a big show making BP pay up and then didn't show the least bit of interest in seeing BP follow through. BP and this administration don't give a damn about this tragedy.

  • SheriSapp profile image


    8 years ago from West Virginia

    Wouldn't it be a great thing if our federal government would do THEIR job and look out for American citizens for once. I know how slow industry is at these things, and the bank will not accept an IOU for your mortgage until you get the BP check you were promised. I thought BO had a slush fund overseen by a supposed "outsider", why is HE not assuring that these suffering folks are getting paid in a timely fashion?

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Sheila, BP is going to pay. There isn't any doubt about that. But, the question is how long is it going to take to make them pay? That's the big question on everyone's mind.

    AR, I guess it is all a matter of perspective. In my area, fishermen are docked. Businesses are hurting and as I stated in my post, have closed down. Several business closings are being attributed to BP oil spill. Right now, I have no love for government motors or BP. Thanks for coming by.

  • American Romance profile image

    American Romance 

    8 years ago from America

    David, I have mixed emotions but will say this turned out as I predicted, I knew it would not be that bad! Shrimpers are back at work and we were told they would be out for years! I heard catches were great! And the majority fo the oil hasnt shown itself no matter what people say! Also why is this BPs responsibility? I know I know this sounds bad, but what I mean is the government gave them the permit, forced them out to deep water where its hard to work and have basicall bankrupted them! They have been selling off properties around the world to pay this off! Apache bought a huge chunck of their holdings! I don't remember banks, GM or teachers unions being penalized for destroying and taking other taxpayers money yet they were all bailed out by the government for their mistakes! I'm just saying maybe BP has every right to be bailed out by the too big to fail bullshit the dems use daily! I would rather work for BP than GM! just saying!

  • sheila b. profile image

    sheila b. 

    8 years ago

    It sounds as though BP will pay those who can do something for BP. I've believed all along that the people on the Gulf will never get even half of what they've lost. Now it sounds even worse than that!


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