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Updated on February 28, 2012

It can happen here; you know!

Today's Republican Party primary elections in Arizona and Michigan are pivotal in American politics, as the winner of any or all of them can be on his way to get the party's nomination to run in the 2012 presidential election against President Barack Obama.

However, what type of leadership is in store for Americans? That is the question many people are asking of any or all of the candidates; and it must be answered now than later, when it is too late.

In almost all their speeches on the campaign trail, they are just being critical of the president, as they are not really offering any alternative to his policies. They cannot say much about his economic plans, except that his administration is on a spending spree.

It is a spendthrift administration they all say; but they fail to tell people what the government is spending money on. On the issue of cutting funds for social services and other programs, like Social Security and Medicare; and not to mention Medicaid and Food stamps, the Obama administration is doing its best to keep costs under control.

What is taking up too much of the spending are the two wars in Afghanistan and the one in Iraq that the president has just ended. There are other expenditures that the government has to meet, particularly, for the State Department with all the embassies strewn across the globe.

Besides, there was no surplus of any kind, when Obama took office; hence, the raising of the debt ceiling from time to time.

Yet, what people do not fail to notice is that the Republican candidates are merely self centered. They boast so much with "balancing the budget" as their specialty; and they have all kinds of tax plans, but all of which favor only the wealthy.

The middle class and ordinary working men and women are slightly mentioned or completely left out; and the phrase, "Minimum wage" is never uttered anywhere in any of their plans.

One of them, Romney, is boasting that his "success" will rub off on Americans, if he is president; but he fails to explain or hides from how his wealth has come about. All that people know is that he has financial holdings all over the world; the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, to name a few.

President Obama's approval rating is rising, in spite of gas and oil prices going up, not because people like them (prices) that way; but for the mere fact that there is not a single person in the Republican lineup that can do any better. All they are doing is attacking each other, and making promises they cannot keep.

For example, about the question of repealing the Affordable Health care Act that Obama has in place, they cannot say what they will do with the over 30 million Americans that are covered now by that plan.

Moving them under private insurers that they (candidates) are trying to please will be too expensive, and which the country cannot handle, under the present circumstances. All "the day after" promises they are mimicking from each other are a myth, as they have to upset almost every single program before they can honor any of their pledges.

Voters in Arizona and Michigan will have a special duty to perform, in the interest of all Americans, to choose someone, who will actually be able to lead the country. That must be their responsibility today, while voting is in progress; and while there is time to prepare for the future.

Party philosophy is not all there is to it, to be fully equipped to handle the affairs of a great nation like the United States.

Brace for a new type of leadership, America. It can happen; you know!


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    • pagesvoice profile image

      Dennis L. Page 6 years ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

      I can not remember a time when Republican candidates attacked each other like sharks on a feeding frenzy. This is so unlike the Party of Unity in thought and philosophy. The problems I think are due to all of the fringe elements that are lingering around the edges of each candidate. There are strong undercurrents of racism, a dislike of the poor, the unemployed, the under employed, education is viewed as a breading ground for indoctrination, teachers/educators have become the enemy, contraception and the over turning of Roe v Wade are in their cross hairs, theocracy, homophobia is rampant, the media is the enemy unless it's FOX News and the attitude of I'm rich and you're not does not hit home with the average American. Personally, I don't think the GOP has any formidable candidates that stand a chance against President Obama.