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Updated on October 17, 2012

We can't wait for the next debate.

He was sweating like a ... going to slaughter;.... and if trepidation was a disease, somebody was suffering from it to the very core, and on end, at least for the two hours that the debate lasted.

That man could not be president of the United States, for he was nervous; trembling like a kitten freshly brought in from the cold. (... and if it was a bad winter, it (kitten) could have perished).

President Barack Obama, on the other hand, came out swinging, with specific plans, (yes, plans) of how he would carry the nation FORWARD in the next four years.

1. He discussed tax changes that would be fair and equitable to enable the deficit to be tackled.

2. He spoke on energy for coal and natural gas to be exploited, but a new energy era has descended on the modern world; and solar, wind and other bio-energy sources must also be developed, so that China, India and Germany would not take the lead over the U.S., with respect to those technologies, in the future.

3. Though, he did not mention that Social Security has been reinforced to last for another ten years; he assured his audience that it was being handled, with other government programs, (such as Medicare and other entitlements) in comprehensible and comprehensive manner to make them liquid for a time.

4. The Benghazi attack, which involved U.S. foreign policy and national security, was dealt with from the very start as terrorism in the Rose Garden at the White House.

He did not conceal its nature and called it a "terror" act. He would ensure an investigation to deal with it, and for anyone that was involved in the security breach in Benghazi to be held accountable for it to never happen again.... and as for the the four men that died, (including Ambassador Chris Stevens) America owed them a great debt of gratitude to have served their country so well. The perpetrators of the Benghazi attack would be brought to justice, he said.

5. Health of women, education, training for the youth to engage in self development programs, for them to stay out of crime; guns, immigration, child care credit, on and on. He managed to address them all in several effective ways.

As for the old codger, Mitt Romney, he never got off the campaign trail, as he went on with his soliloquy that he has "been in the business world for 25 years, and he knew how to reduce taxes and create jobs."

His tax plan figures, however, did not add up; and how he was going to pay for the huge tax breaks for the top 2 percent of the population was a mystery. He was repetitive, and often returning to what he said the last time; and that was to make North America energy independent, to get manufacturing industries back to the country, and to help the middle class to get high paying jobs for the economy to become strong. All of which were repeated from his performance in the first debate.

He, Romney, offered nothing new; and there was no doubt of why the media was singing the praises of Obama this morning with headlines like, "Poll: Obama scores debate win"; and also all the instant polls that came in right after the debate called him the winner.

He conducted himself very well, and in answering questions, he went straight to the point and made Romney's rebuttals innocuous, as he, Romney, continued to repeat his lines, for being perplexed.

Candy Crowley, the moderator, was "maaaa-rvelous" in controlling the debate in a way that the candidates did not stray from answering their questions purposefully. On taxes and on the Benghazi attack, she made sure that the answers were detailed for the live audience and viewers on TV to take something useful from the debate.

They (audiences) could not wait for the next debate to see Obama's opponent squirm some more; because he (Obama) proved beyond all doubt that he has begun a vibrant economic foundation that would help middle class families, in particular, and the disadvantaged in society. He was masterful in his delivery, and showed how a president and Commander-in-Chief should operate under all circumstances.

As for Romney, Obama portrayed him as a different kettle of fish, and that he (Romney) would always stand with, and for the wealthy, as that was his favorite sector of the American people.


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