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Updated on September 15, 2010

A Primary Victory.

Many New Yorkers will say bravo! to Congressman Charles Rangel for crushing five opponents, including New York Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, in yesterday's primary election. He has captured 51% of the votes to 23% for Powell; and the rest of the candidates have floundered around with very little numbers.

He has demonstrated that he still had the support of his constituents, and so, he would be "plodding up the steps" of Congress once again, as Washington D.C. has found him to be doing since 1971; though, the eighty year old has never complained of any physical pain for going up those steps; and he seemed to have always enjoyed the exercise.

Yet, according to the news media, he was more than likely to face trial in the House in November, as thirteen charges were pending against him; and that (trial) would be gruesome and would constitute an uphill battle, even for a person who has been through "thick and thin", over the years, to get to where he was now.

However, Harlem voters have always known the resilience of the man who has represented them for almost forty years; his capacity to absorb all types of adversities; and they were hopeful, to the extent of being confident, that he would come out of his ethics trial with flying colors; otherwise, they would not have given him another chance.

Well done, Congressman Charles Rangel; and many happy returns for your 80th birthday.


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