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BRITAIN FACES DEMOCRACY MELTDOWN. Just how the democratic basis of the UK could soon unravel

Updated on January 14, 2017

Trouble to the left of us, trouble to the right.

In my 3 previous Hubs written here to outline the dangers Democracy and all those who value it as the bedrock of civilsed society and the beacon that Great Britain has over many, many years shone out to the rest of the World, the basic reasons and dangers have been hopefully placed before the reader.

In this Hub focus is centred on the core of the principle of democracy, namely the right of the citizens to elect from the political forces presented before them, a Government to run for a 5 year term to implement those policies that were presented to them by the would be govenors during the Election Campaign period.

Of course the electorate as a whole take such promises made by would be Governance seekers with a large pinch of salt. Cynics the public maybe, but they have previous years of such promises to review, as regime after regime has let them down either completely or at least partially. These days, the mention of the word " politician" in most circles inspires very negative pronouncements, most of which carry expletives as adjectives and which have no place in a discourse such as this, save to say they speak volumes!.

However, the reality is that this is the background to the disharmony which now threatens to strangle the UK with ever spreading tentacles. For many years the main battleground has been fought over by the forces to the left of centre and those to the right of centre, whilst the actual centre ground has never found a strong enough voice to galvanise citizens to support what in reality, are the view of the majority. Majority views, minority votes ! That goes some way to explaining the British excentricity.

"IF I THOUGHT THEY WOULD WIN I WOULD VOTE FOR THEM " is the phrase that so often over the years, has been the expressed reason given by many UK citizens for turning their back on the centre and looking left or right. It seems not to ever have dawned on them that if they all did vote centre, then the power to activate policies they believe in could become a reality.

Since 1945, many changes have taken place in UK as they have worldwide, yet despite all progress, Television, Internet and Social Media being examples, Government has remained firmly vested by the British people in Left of Centre {Labour Party} and Right of Centre {Conservative Party}. From time to time the centre {Liberal [but often with differing names] Party has fluttered and flatterered but only to fall backwards at vital times. Around the peripheries , parties have come, gone, reformed, retained and generally achieved absolutely nothing of note or value.

The reader may be forgiven for thinking at this point that things that do not alter always stay the same. True ! The difference in 2016 and now going forward is, of course, is that an embattled Prime Minister with a small majority, nagged by circumstances of Economic Austerity, castigated by the opposition, albeit without great effectiveness, and having to ward off poisonous and dagger attacks from his own right wing, called for the unthinkable to the clear political thinker, a REFERENDUM.

JUST AS A REFEREE"S WHISTLE HERALDS THE START OF A GAME, CAMERON"S REFERENDUM CALL WAS THE SIGNAL DARK FORCES HAD BEEN WAITING FOR FOR MANY YEARS AFTER 1945.Silently, behind the scenes they galvanised themselves with the belief that their time was now coming.

So then, how does that impinge on the future for the democratic future of UK? The situation we face is simple and stark. Let me here look at our political parties in this context beginning with the Liberals or Liberal Democrats, whatever they may be called at the moment.

For them the Referendum was a deep body blow of life threatening proportions. A simple question was asked and the voter had to make a choice of just two answers {Leave or Remain in effect} .So simple, it could do only one thing for certain, divide the nation in two. That it did almost exactly. In fact had the result been 51%/49% the other way it would not have mattered. The nation, families, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters were divided as they would have been whatever the result. The older at odds with the younger it transpired, but the simple fact remained, the Country which previously loved to come together and rejoiced to sing "Jerusalem" had been successfully divided and with a gaping wound was ripe for exploitation.

Let the "games" begin.

Now, I turn to the effect on the Liberals and it is easy to relate to. Divided populations do not seek initially for compromise, witness Syria for a graphic example, and in the UK Liberals have been seen as compromisers. As such they have no part to play in these troubled times, anywhere near the main political stage. Their energies must be totally directed to simple survival and one would not wager a significant sum for their successon this score. Sufficient to say that they will make no significant contribution to UK Governance for many years to come .Remember, this is the party which represents the views of UK people "in the middle of the rad", so where have they fled to for comfort? Where can they find leadership with both strength and precence?

Turning then to the Labour Party, the "political refuge of the working man" . They just like the Liberals, but for different reasons, have,since the Referendum been shedding votes at unprecedented rates. Their poor showing in the campaign did them no favours, but beyond that they have famously shot themselves not only in the foot but also dangerously near to a main artery or two.

After Blair, their leadership has been woeful from the lagubrious Brown to the out of depth Milliband and then to confound it all, to the Trotsky Corbyn and his malevolent sidekick McDonell, not forgetting the strident but out of touch Dianne Abbott et al. Shadow Ministers are leaving the core of the party as the proverbial desert the sinking ship.

At a time when the Tories are reeling, the left should be preparing policies for real Government. Instead, held to account by their paymasters the Trades Unions, Corbyn and Co stagger from one disaster to another. The Unions saw the Referendum division as a chance, at last to strike back against the Tories after Thatcher had put them firmly in their place some decades before. Their agendas are purely self serving but the chaos they have caused to the general public will be added to voters dislike and distrust of Corbyn and his comrades when voting, either in bye or general Elections obtain. For the present at least, Labour, whilst not seeking to portray itself as a party fit to govern is consigned to the back burners. As was put to me recently by one moderate "I love Jeremy Corbyn, for as long as he is there there is no chance of a Labour Government" Cutting but probably true.

Now if that is the case, then the Governmental field lies open to the Tories and the angular and yet far from proven, Mrs May. God that that will not be the case, for democracy demands more than that. It demands a strong Government, taken to task by a strong opposition. No strong Labour, no strong opposition ! That is what it comes down to. An opportunity presents for Mrs May, no doubted to be prodded by her party Grandees, to call an Election and strengthen her hand in Parliament. We must hope that that, or worse, does not happen.

One party Government is not Democracy, but there is an outside chance UK could be left with that. Even so, there is still worse on the Horizon. As the Left has floundered, the Middle surrendered and the Centre Right stutered the forces, dark certainly that skulk in corners and smoke filled rooms continue to both plan and prosper. As with other groups, those who are the household names and faces are mainly the marioNettes as others pull the strings in these areas. Some are to be found in the higher ecelons of secret and not so secret societies. They abound more than we would think.

The far right has found, for enough idle minds at least, an acceptable face in the garrulous Nigel Farage, a man wth an insatiable thirst for publicity and self promotion.Sadly for UK he is very good at it and should be ignored only at great peril by all who value Great Britain This man knows just how to spread division. His pronouncements on migration are brilliant! Evil, divisive but sadly, brilliant!

Behind Farage and his henchpeople are many others in the same and other organisations at work striving to create disharmony and to divide and rule. They have won the minds of many of the underclass with their politics oozing envy, jealousy and hatred wrapped up in ways designed cleverly to deceive.

The battle for Democracy as we know it is well and truly on. How it will end no one knows, certainly not me. However, I would ask the reader to remember a long known fact through history and ask that each of us in our own and differing ways remember this statement and each do our personal best to make sure it cannot be applied to us. If we all do this, then democracy as we have known and loved it through our Great British lives, can stand up and be counted for generaions yet to come. Well worth doing I believe !


{If you have so done, thank you for reading these Hubs}.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      j w adams 

      2 years ago from Essex/ Alanya/ Hurghada

      Or what about Gerry and Co "When you walk through a storm keep your head up high"

    • profile image

      David Adams 

      2 years ago

      To quote Winston Churchill 'if you're going through hell, just keep on going'


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