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BRITAIN ON THE BRINK OF DISASTER! "Dark Forces" poised to seek control as Democracy falters.

Updated on January 13, 2017

The Queen suspected years ago,dark influences

Today, Great Britain and the vast majority of the "ordinary" people, face a future where uncertainty is higher than at anytime since 1940 and the threat of invasion by Hitler and his Fascist hoards. The difference now is that the uncertainty comes from within the home shores and from those as yet, in the main, not identified.

Rewind a little to the time of the Divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and consider a rare moment of rare frankness and maybe unpolitical correctness from no less an Authority than Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth the Second. Speaking to a confident ,she is reported to have said "Take care ---- there are dark forces at work here".

Some choose to take that as a domestic reference to matters within the Royal Household, but others take, in my view correctly, a wider view. Since 1945 after victory in World War Two, a period which takes me from the age of 5 to today, I have become increasingly aware that not all who reside in the UK,share the same ideals and values and that there are those, whilst not wishing to be discovered, seek, hope and indeed plan, to bring down the entire structure upon which Great Britain has been built upon and prospered with generally, for many generations of citizens. I find it impossible to believe that the Sovereign was not aware of such a situation, but as a Titular head only, was effectively powerless to do anything about it. Others, with malevolent aims were able to bide their time, sniping at the corners whenever possible without any risk of being exposed as they waited expectantly for a groundswell to aid them surge forward with their plans to take over the country and what it stands for..

Over the decades after the 1940"s, small opportunities presented themselves to make key, yet covert advances. The beauty of it to them was that whilst they were aware of the progress being made by their cause, the country at large, slept on happily for the most part. The plotting classes knew that it would take a clear division of the British people to occur before they could, with the appropriate "front men and women" in place begin the dramatic surge needed to first undermine and then overthrow, democracy as UK Citizens had come to live in and understand. To do this, their main weapon would be the people of the UK themselves, being asked to pass judgement on a matter or matters, most had not studied or were in any real way, aware of. In such a situation, the front men and women would do their work for them, spouting untruths to the masses, most of whom had neither the knowledge or the inclination to question. Also by playing to the deep seated envy and jealousy, fostered by picked Trades Union Leaders and Labour Party puppets they could encourage rage and a desire to lash out at the so called Establishment.

Yet this was no single pronged advance, for on the other side of the far right of the Establishment, others were at work. Theirs was a more subtle technique, designed to let the left destroy itself in the eyes of Middle England, whilst they encouraged the far right believers to waste no opportunity to press on at the expense of others who mistakenly believed that they had like ideals with the very people who despised them more than they did the left.

In modern jargon, we see a "Perfect Storm" as far left and far right, as different as you could possibly get, set their sights on the same target with a shared aim. To bring to an end Democracy as the British people were brought up to live within and value with their lives.

A master plan

Great Britain since the 1945 General Election has seen political Governance change from left to right and back again, with one episode of Coalition which did nothing to aid either cause. However, what has marked all those administrations has been an awareness of not straying too far to the left or right for too long. It has been that awareness that has maintained, at times uneasily it is true, the general accord of the British people. The Conservative Prime Minister, Harold McMillan summed this up well when asked what was the hardest thing to deal with for a PM. " Events, dear boy, events" was his reported reply. In other words deal with matters as they arrive, knowingly underpinned by a ground layers of basic policies which go largely unquestioned outside Westminster.

It seems that that doctrine has been too closely followed by those who came after him, blissfully unaware for the most part, that they were falling into a trap now known as Westminster Village Life. To paraphrase, "Keep things quiet in the House and the Country will not stir itself". One notable exception to this dictum, of course, was the first lady PM, Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher recognized that after the war, the Trades Unions and their Leaders had increased their power. So many British men and women were killed in the war and as a result that meant work forces were in short supply once the economy started moving through the 1950"s and into the 60"s and 70"s.She had, herself, seen the "winter of discontent" and she vowed it would not be repeated on her watch. Indeed she determined and took the fight to the Unions appointing her ownmen to re-harness or shut down the mines, and make the rail network financially viable. In so doing, and winning, she cut down the forces of Unionism to a manageable size once more. They were able to represent workers rights but not hold the whole country to ransom. Of course that was not some Unionists were about at all !

Sadly, without probably any realizing, she thus opened the doors for the far right to engage with more people and begin to silently swell their ranks. She was a realist also. "All political careers end in failure", she once said, and just as she had triumphed over Scargill and his mine troopers, and Gormley and his railway staffs, she too, was brought down at the end., The irony of it all being that her assassins were her own supposed supporters in Westminster.

Thus, we must now move on, passing over the debacle of the Major and later Blair and unhappy Brown, administrations with all their political squabbles and failings largely being allowed to slide into oblivion by the British people. The simple fact being that life was, for the greater majority, satisfactory or better now in a Britain where work was available, health care good, housing to be had and wages acceptable. Not Nirvana, but more than those who had gone before could have ever hoped for. Both far left and right had to step back as no one wanted their boat rocked.

"Events, dear boy. Events" Remember McMillan ! The Banks crashed and turmoil ensued, Far left and right saw their chances and regrouped once more. Jobs became scarcer, the Unions rebuilt strengths. War in other parts of Europe, heralded migration on an unprecedented scale .To the far right this was not a problem but a heaven sent opportunity, as the Country moved unsteadily into the second decade of the 2000"s. To both far left and right these were manna from heaven to their causes as under a largely ineffective Coalition Government, the British people huddled against the cold, maybe not thinking for a moment that worse was yet to come. As often happens, the majority was wrong. Very wrong, for not far on the Horizon lay a self inflicted body blow that was, and is even more now. life threatening as the far left and right see their chance whilst the British people still in too many thousands try to justify the unjustifiable to themselves and each other .

"When in a hole, stop digging", is the good advice many UK citizens have yet to hear whilst behind ever lessening screens those with private agendas rub their hands in glee as they see democracy in Britain teetering on the cliff edge that would surely spell oblivion for UK values if the people allow it to be pushed over by those, Her Majesty called "DARK FORCES".

{to be contd}.


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