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Updated on January 14, 2016

Stop Terrorizing ME!!!!

This subject hits home with me because I am a victim of bullying. I am still as an adult dealing with the trauma that these individuals bestowed on me. What was my weakness, I was shy, a death sentence for the rest of my adolencent years. I feel Bullying is terrorism, plain and simple and it needs to be stopped. Its very hard to confront the parents of these terrorists (bullies) because ususally that is were the whole sitituation may of started. I was told To toughen up!! As I stood there in tears. WHAT'S A LITTLE TEASING!! Oh my God, that, I could handle that! Was I nuts! Who are these people condoning this human torture that is endured by children and teenagers day after day? Maybe they need to experience what their children endure to understand the extent of their pain and fear. You Think? I remember the loneliness I felt hiding in a old fridge in my parents basement.The thought of going to school terrified me! I actually started being happy when I was sick or there were off days,I could breath easy for a few days. But it wouldn't be long before it would start over again. My parents tried changing schools,it followed me maybe because the traumatised feeling came through in my personality.I also never trusted anyone's intentions as there must be a reason behind it!!

Why ME?

Sometimes a victim of bullying victimizes themselves saying why me thinking they did something or said something to deserve this behavior..They tend to beat themselves up as bad as a bully would. Most bullys were once bullied themselves by a parent or peers in their lives. They are just repeating a pattern.. Which is not at all a excuse!!This needs to be stopped and now because it is way out of control!! I as a child was beaten down everyday , I never understood why, what did I do? Most of these kids didn't even know me, enough to like or not like me. Sometimes I skipped out, just wondered around, to scared to tell my parents, beacause I had been threatened not to. What a nightmare, it affected my whole life and my self-esteem. If you're out there ,Thankyou Very Much! For Ruining My Life! It does, it stays with you forever, it scars you, sometimes worse! We will talk more about that. ANY COMMENTS?


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    • Writer David profile image

      Writer David 7 years ago from Mobile, AL

      I'm not sure just what the answer is to bullying. The recent disturbing incident in Massachusetts is bringing home this is an issue that won't go away any time soon. Lots of kids are afraid to say they are being bullied at school. School officials should have the same policy toward bullying as they do toward bringing weapons to school; Zero tolerance.

    • SheriSapp profile image

      SheriSapp 7 years ago from West Virginia

      I was a victim of bullying as well. The crap directed to me was not physical, it was psychological and GRAFFITI!! My name used to be Sheri Duff before I married, and that was the name the bullies used. They painted "Sheri Duff is a bitch" EVERYWHERE!!! On the huge sign at my school, on the road that ran past my house, INside my locker, on the bandroom door, on the track at the football field...I know you get my drift. My dad even offered a $500.00 reward for info, but we heard nothing. This all stemmed from a boy who had DUMPED ME! His new girlfriend was head majorette and homecoming queen, so she and the other "popular" folks set out on a campaign to hurt me even more. They would laugh at me as I walked in the school halls, and the true bitch always had a few nasty words for me too. Thankfully, my parents were able to afford to send me to a boarding school, but my father said I was just running away from my problems. Honestly, the 2 and a half years at my boarding school before I graduated were the BEST years of my life. I made friends there that I still have today. From my public school that I attended k-10 I have only 1 friend. In retrospect, I know I made the right choice, but the bullies probably thought they had won. Today, I teach in a public high school, and there are still bullies around. Now they are called the "mean girls". I do the best I can to stop the crap, but the adults are sometimes completely in the dark when these things are happening. I have truly gotten over it, but I will never forget.

    Living In Fear

    Everyday was worse than the day before, girls and boys bullying me day after day. I didn't even know these people on a personal basis for them to like me or not!! But I must have done something. I am still trying to figure that one out!! I would love to name names but I just am not that kind of vengeful person!! I wonder How they would like it if we made a " BEWARE OF THIS BULLY LIST" NAMES OF ALL BULLIES, do you think this would help ? Who knows? Something needs to be done before we lose anymore of our sweet children to these  cowardly bullies!!!! COMMENTS!!!



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      Girl Bullies

      Some of my worse offenders were girls, I do not know why, but they were brutal. They were almost evil ! I always knew better then to try to make a friend with someone new, they would get to her in no time! Stay away from her! They didn't even know me. It was a nightmare during gym and during shower time. The humiliation was relentless to say the least. I grew up hating and avoiding women for a long time because of this. You hear so much of girl gangs and girls attacking other peers , it is just so mind-blowing that their is so much hatred and these kids are so out of control.


      Bullying is a form of hatred said Bill Cosby on the Larry King show last night. Mr. Cosby is just appalled at the way some of our youth is behaving these days. Something needs to be done, Starting in the home, he feels these behavior problems are stemming from children showing signs of aggression early and it needs to be addressed right away, not ignored. These kids are seriously damaging these kids they are bullying, emotionally and physically, leaving scars that last a lifetime. Something needs to be done, starting with parents pulling together for these kids. BRAVO!!


      What do we do?  I seriously think these bullys need a taste of their own medicine. Maybe, for a good week, non-stop bullying, see how they feel after that. Then there are those who would say 2 wrongs don't make a right. Thats why people and kids get away with this kind of behavior. These kids need to realize how detrimental their behavior is to others.


      MY Fiance and his brother, 2 former bullies would like to start up a bully deprogramming camp to turn these kids around .Well, I said, you never know it might work. Although I think you have to have credentials other than just being past bullies. They laughed!! But It's somthing  to consider! ANY COMMENTS?


      Bullies Causing Suicides

      Stiffer penalties,definately. A message needs to be sent because this is getting worse before it is getting better. It is Murder, these kids are ruthlessly playing with a kids mind and not even realizing or caring about the consequences. Most of these bully attacks  are premeditated.These kids know exactly what their doing, they may have pychological problems but most of the time ,so do other criminals. Schools know this is happening and need to send the MESSAGE: ABSOLUTELY , NO TOLERANCE WHATSOEVER!!! AT ALL!!

      Why Parents?

      I feel parents should be stepping up to the plate and putting these kids in therapy and sending the message ( NO TOLERANCE) . Bullying is not allowed in our family, you just do not treat others that way, ever!! It seems parents are looking the other way, and then when its to late, the damage is done. Discipline starts in the home!! PARENTS?



      No, I was SHY!! That was my death sentence! Nice,huh!

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