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Baby Boomers Yeah Right

Updated on April 12, 2010

As I watched Sunday night to Tom Brokaw talk to the so called beautiful people of my generation I thought what planet is he interviewing and turned the channel. We live in an era where self important liars such as Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck think they can tell half truths and make fun of the government and get away with it. Didn't we all rebel when we heard the governments of other nations tell their people enough of the truth so it sounded right but put a spin on the truth  to serve their cause. Because of unemployment and loss of everything I have become a person using local government medicine and doctors. I have no problem with this. I paid for it in advance with all the taxes I paid. Wishard hospital provides excellent care at a low cost to me. I sit in these hospital and doctors rooms and see people my age all with unbelievable ailments. Overweight diabetic heavy smokers all seeking pain pills, pain patches and anti-depressants. It is like I stepped into the twilight zone. They can't all have the same problems, but it seems so. Education could be the key maybe more people could get it with the new health care bill. We need government medicine to try to change this. What we get now is doing nothing. The treatment I get is only available in Marion county where I live. This new government health care isn't going to effect the people on social security like they have been told. Hell most of the people my age I have ran into already are on social security disability. Our president has made a lot of promises and many he hasn't had a chance to do. It seems many of us think just because he is black he can't do the job. Didn't baby boomers always say they would fight for the right to have a black president? We just came out of a terrible presidency by a president I am ashamed I voted for the first time.  Why do we listen to the Limbaugh'sand Becks? They receive a large amount of money to spout off their venom. If you want to listen to someone listen to the person who does not get paid to make up stories. It seems the majority of us are in my same boat. Give the president a chance. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will the changes that need to take place. Elect officials that vote for our good not someone who is only interested in making his party look better. I am sure this will really get a lot of people mad at me , but I really don't care. The last year has been an eye opener for me.


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