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Back-alley arguments over SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby contraceptive case

Updated on July 1, 2014


The ideology of Democratic socialism, Collectivism
The ideology of Democratic socialism, Collectivism | Source

The Cat Is On Fire

They are not pushing their beliefs...society which allowed government to mandate employer purchased coverage did it to them.

Well the back alley debates are now raging like a wild-land fire about SCOTUS decision on the Hobby Lobby contraceptive case. Those considering the results seem to be primarily concerned with businesses having the power to say what medicines an employee will have access to. In this case the ruling was about contraceptives, which mandate “substantially burden's the exercise of religion.” Meaning that the companies in question, Hobby Lobby, Conestoga, and Mardel would be forced to violate their moral religious beliefs and ethics or face financial penalties that could put them out of business.

A question was posed by ChristenS in the hub questions today that sparked a flurry of responders. I attempted to express in limited word comments that the issue of businesses having the power to say what medicines an employee can take is the least of the issues and would be a moot point if government was not free to force citizens and businesses to purchase a product or service whether they want it or not. That this is social engineering.

The original question was should your boss essentially get to tell you what medicines you can take?”

My response fundamentally agrees with the author's concern over this question, however, when we allowed government to mandate healthcare by law which the employer must provide at half its monetary expense and all citizens must purchase the other half then WE pushed our socialist burden onto them first. We are expecting them to pay for a service they will never receive a benefit from and for which we think they should have no say about how aspects of it morally affects them? Yes I understand the arguments about what if it were muslims not wanting to pay for products manufactured with pork product and so on. But my argument is that this is akin to you being mandated to go to the store to purchase $700 in groceries each payday for people who don't even live in your state! Would you be offended if you were mandated to purchase a percentage of that monetary amount in candy and junk food? Chances are you would.

So you see the tables can be turned. Employees are expecting to be able to use the service which their money purchases to the fullest extent and thereby utilize the company's money to the fullest extent. Yet it is not money that belongs to the employee. If it were the employee would receive the full amount to be spent on insurance in their paycheck and the employee would pay it as one pays rent, mortgage or taxes. This argument only exists because companies and citizens are being forced to purchase something by government in the manner government wants done, not via consumer uncoerced choice which would self-regulate any market with a desirable product or service through excise or withdrawl of demand or method of access.

There is no winning for either side when you don't go further back to the fact we allowed governance to dictate what we must purchase and what that purchase will allow. Government gets off scot free when it pits employer against employee in a no win situation. ChristenS did not agree this was socialism or social engineering.

Dr. Russell Blaylock exposes the horrors of Obamacare and socialized medicine

Cloward Piven Strategy, a commonly used method in Social Engineering.
Cloward Piven Strategy, a commonly used method in Social Engineering. | Source

Ulterior Motives

Two retorts were applied to my perspective. The first was that there is nothing 'socialist' about our current healthcare system.” My rebuttal to this assumption states It is a socialist principle that brings people to believe health care is right rather than a service. This interpretation is the result of social engineering. Social engineering has been a tool of conquest for the last 70 years. Additionally it increases societal tension and economic strain, by design. I realize that without further explanation this sounds foreign. But I can assure you it is far from that. Many people are not familiar with the manufactured roots of today's common umbrella culture. There is an entire cadre of information available to the inquiring mind to learn why so many of us now ascribe to socialized thinking or collectivism.

Just what is socialist about making people or businesses buy insurance from private companies? The answer is Cloward and Piven. It is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by a pair of political activists and sociologists who founded the National Welfare Reform Organization which was the parent organization of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). The strategy called for overloading the US public welfare system in order to create a crisis that would lead to the replacement of the system at that time with a national system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”. This creating of a crisis by exploiting a gap between law and practice that would ultimately bring about its collapse and a replacement. While this might initially seem to serve a noble cause it is a means of “overloading an already overburdened bureaucracy”. First they push millions into Medicaid, while dropping incentives for employers to provide health care coverage which in turn sends millions to the government cooperatives all funded by the taxpayer. Then the doctors overburdened with providing near free services, lose or quit their 2/3rds ownership of all medical practices, forcing them to work for hospitals. As the remaining private practice doctors decline to take new Medicare patients for a variety of reasons, the medicare and medicaid system begins to implode causeing more doctors to drop out and the system breaks because it cannot fulfill the conspiracy parlance, the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” is being implemented.

This is the road taking the US to global governance via nationalized healthcare and alteration of the culture of constitutional governance by eliminating sacred cows of capitalism. It is also marxist or might I suggest fabian socialist? Why would I say that? Well the roots of social engineering can be found in the policy making apparatus in this nation which, by the way, now fully controls academia.

To understand this, I recommend an excellent place for the layman to start is to examine the transcript of an interview with Norman Dodd produced by G. Edward Griffin. In that interview he relates a conversation with a Mr. Alan Gaither who at the time was president of the Ford Foundation. It is not just what Mr. Gaither said about policies to Mr. Dodd, but it was also what activities prompted the meeting in the first place. Mr. Dodd said of the conversation, “Before I could think of how I would reply to that statement, Mr. Gaither then went on to say, "Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here, have had experience operating under directives, the substance of which is, that we use our grant-making power so as to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."”

I am pointing this out as a way of introducing the layman to an underlying generational conspiracy designed and assembled to re-shape our society at the deepest social and intellectual levels. There is far more involved here than what I could or should say in a brief article. Just consider it an invitation to explore this paradigm I'm describing further. Your future depends on your understanding the currents flowing around you. It is a paradigm of illusions to entice and hypnotize you into not asking deep questions about the players you've handed your sovereignty off to.

Reader Poll: New World Order Familiarity

How many research books have you read about the New World Order?

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Exopolitics Faces the New World Order and Collectivism

The second retort was, “Is universal healthcare part of current 'exopolitical' negotiations or other new world order conspiracies? Just wondering...”

Oh but this individual has no idea what can of worms he or she has just opened! Yes it is a part of the current discussion on the NWO conspiracy. Because the 70 years of active extraterrestrial presence within reach of human society, and the perks of that presence, has put the NWO effort on steroids. It provided exploitable technologies and awareness of new materials, skills, networks which funded the social engineering projects, the militarization of law enforcement, enabled research into mind control (MKUltra), and research is now discovering how an entire generation may have been conscripted into the process of deconstructing, disarming, and depopulating (in that order!) the one nation, capable of stopping an evolutionary force possessing an intent that will make the Nazis look like childs play; reduced to a level in which it can be successfully merged with nations akin to the former Soviet Union beneath oligarchical global governance and serve as colonial space for population stressed super powers like China. The exopolitical aspect is both an aspect of the problem and a potential wild card to solving it. The growing agitation of the greater community over our corruption issues on this world currently has the policy makers in a frenzy which exopolitical researchers have observed. While the policy makers are disturbed and racing to achieve their 'directives' which primarily consists of what they believe is necessary to achieve a global governance (a prerequisite for admittance into the greater community), the acts they are conducting and the policies they are implementing is both threatening to implode human society, and instituting a tyranny which character seriously disturbs the greater community observing us.

Prior to a pre-planned unambiguous contact event the frenzy focuses on the ability to control society while maintaining its tradition of corporate profitability. We have observed the frenzy gravitate to social structures more reminiscent of cold war Russia and prior German period centralization. A former career law enforcement officer has this to say about it:

"And there is even more to the story. I must say your analysis and comment about the trajectory of the health care issue is quite correct. However, let me add a layer to the socialist context layer cake. Nobody sees that a government mandated health care system as a hidden business interest MONOPOLY assuring corporate interests of a public paid for guaranteed revenue stream, but also as a means of social coercion. Means of coercion? Absolutely. Examine the government mandated penalties attached to Obamacare. This is a coercive system establishing and furthering state control over an individuals life for the span of life. In other words, like with what we have seen with socialist control mechanisms there is no opting out. A government mandated health care system is replete with the creation of new crimes, new investigators, and new police with related financial penalties and prison time for failure to comply where none existed previously. It deepens state control over an individual spheres of life: education, cultural harmonization, family, occupation, health and of course politics.

Essentially, socialist mandated health care systems serve corporate monopolies, reduce any choice to none and are a means of sociopolitical control extending state hegemony over the polity. Moreover, monopolies in furtherance of profit maximization reduce quality of care, reduce or eliminate treatment for certain medical conditions, and drive another trajectory with drastic outcomes for society...Eugenics and the death culture of those considered unfit to live. We saw that outcome with the Nazi mandated health care system. We also saw the emergence of a secret eugenics program (T-4), whereby the state and its business partners murdered hundreds of thousands of German citizens on the margin of life as useless eaters, and mandated prison terms for anyone failing to register persons falling into the useless eater category.

Additionally, a centrally planned national health care system not only deepened the power of a coercive state, but it also empowered bureaucrats. They became the gatekeepers and controllers, If they planned inadequately, then everyone in the system was affected negatively by unforeseen market cycles, inadequate budgets, overloaded medical distribution centers and pressures to eliminate those whose physical status prevented them from financially contributing to the maintenance of the system. Without a free market driving supply and demand for services, a collective based health care system also induced health care rationing. The more privileged status one had in a collective society, the more health care benefits received. It also imposed a lag on delivery of services. Those in need of long term care frequently died while waiting for treatment due to inadequate service delivery.

A government controlled health care system eliminates private charity and drives a black market in pharmaceutics, and specialized care, leading to a persistent black market underground economy in health care products and service. Those caught in the black market were eliminated as social parasites by the firing squad. Moreover, disjunctures between party status and society appeared. Those in the party with high status received excellent care in special medical centers. Those not so privileged went without. Consequently, the "golden pheasants:" party leaders, administrators, top level engineers or ranking military members received a qualitatively different level of service than from the masses. And right here we have the fundamental flaw exposed relative to collective based governments and societies. That is the myth of equality. Socialist based governments and societies produce rigid differentiation of classes between privileged groups and the masses. In other words, political standing in the party hierarchy and bureaucratic social structure determined access to the essentials of life and any attendant luxuries.

Thus, fundamentally, Obamacare and any collective medical system at its core, is a poor quality fraud perpetuated on society by monopolist business groups that pursue corporate welfare mandated interests, and is essentially nothing more than murder machine and hidden policing system."


Three years ago the exopolitical community was hotly debating the cross-referencing of ufological and exopolitical research, observations, and theories against inclusion of the corruption paradigm and conspiracy theory. Many exopoliticians rejected inclusion. But advances in paradigm understanding and real time tracking of governance, deep state, and peripheral actors activities has proven the value of addressing underlying conspiracy toward societal control and forced alterations since all efforts to unhinge the truth embargo within governance has essentially failed and we have witnessed more consolidation of centralized government and broader use of classified reluctance to share information with the taxpaying public since.

However the level of tyranny and corruption involved in the relationship between the old guard NWO policy makers and the exopolitica affected system operators has had its own internal consequences which has emerged this year on the net amid massive waves of effort to achieve milestones in resource acquisition, land grabs, control of water, food production and energy.

Those consequences created something most Americans missed -- the intelligence community internet assets very public dialogs (see incident lists here and here), which began in January of this year. Each asset site chimed in responses to the initiator, which declared America's domestic and foreign policy were influenced by extraterrestrial contact. Since then, a notorious leader of one of the world's great super powers seems to have bailed off the plantation in favor of liberty, conservatism, and responsible or virtuous conduct (Putin). On his heels, one of the most vocal advocates for global society's acceptance of the new ET paradigm aspect has been the Vatican...led by a Jesuit out of Argentina (see Joseph P. Farrell's book Nazi International about Argentina's post war history), surprise, surprise. Yes it is all highly strange, but the more you learn, the more it makes sense.

Collectivism is just another term for Socialism which is a soft form of communism.

Three things should be chiefly considered in everything: nature, form, and work. ~ Celtic Triad.

Final Points to Consider

The following points to be chiefly considered:

  • Collectivism is a form of Socialism which in itself is a soft form of Communism
  • A government mandated health care system is a hidden business interest MONOPOLY assuring corporate interests of a public paid for guaranteed revenue stream
  • A government mandated health care system is a means of social coercion, i.e. Social Engineering.
  • Monopolies in furtherance of profit maximization reduce quality of care, reduce or eliminate treatment for certain medical conditions, and drive another trajectory with drastic outcomes for society
  • Eugenics is the goal of monopolistic directives; population stabilization or reduction is a eugenics directive.
  • Directives toward the New World Order seek control as a means to avoid societal implosion.
  • Incentives to achieve global governance super-structure is the exopolitical factor within the new world order social engineering efforts involving centralized control of America's health care system.

Communism Active in America

Red Flag news product from Occupy L.A. International Day Of Action, Saturday - 10/15/11
Red Flag news product from Occupy L.A. International Day Of Action, Saturday - 10/15/11 | Source


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  • Cyrellys profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago from Montana

    'Government Stops Glenn Greenwald from Publishing His Big Snowden Revelation … But Others Will Release ALL of the Snowden Documents to Prevent a War' see at link Why is this relevant? Because in everything there is nature, cause, and influence. For the background to this wrestling match over the content in those documents be sure to see the bottom of the article on healthcare in the content of the "here" and "here" links within the exopolitics section -- it is the bone I passed to the general population. This is confirmation of paradigm from the inside. It is as close to "disclosure" as they have gotten without facing the axe at this time. All the pieces of the paradigm are inter-related.


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