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Background of Serial Killers- Ted Bundy

Updated on June 19, 2013
Serial rapist and killer Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy as a child
Serial rapist and killer Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy as a child

Murderers aren't born, they're created

Some people may protest that theory, but many of the serial killers that are evaluated for mental diagnosis are giving similar information about their life and psychological disorders. Take a look at Ted Bundy, perhaps the most violent serial killer in American history who is believed to have killed over 100 women. It admitted to taking 30 lives throughout his killing spree but he wasn't born to be a murderer. Most or all serial killers grow from being children just as you and I were. Traumatizing events can lead to a point of psychological no return.

Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was born to Eleanor Cowell, known by her middle name Louis. His dad was undetermined, but her family suspected Louis conceived Ted Bundy with her own abusive father. To avoid social stigma, his mother claimed to be his older sister. He would eventually find out she was his mother when he got a hold of his birth certificate.

Ted Bundy showed disturbing signs at a very young age. His aunt Julia, younger sister of Louis, awoke to being surrounded by kitchen knives with Bundy standing near the bed, smiling. Throughout high school many people who were allegedly close to him say he was well known and liked by many, although Ted Bundy states he preferred to keep to himself because he couldn't understand interpersonal relationships. He enjoyed snow skiing, which he did with stolen equipment and fake lift tickets. When he graduated high school, he attended the University of Puget Sound to study Chinese, where he met a classmate named in many biographies as Stephanie Brooks.

Turning into a serial killer

While he showed disturbing signs as a child, he would become a serial rapist and murderer when certain life events occurred. His girlfriend "Stephanie Brooks" broke up with him, saying he was immature and had a lack of ambition. It was then he decided to get his birth records and found out his "sister" was actually his mother. Skipping all other unnecessary information about his life, soon after discovering his true parentage he became a serial killer.

No one knows when he began killing women and girls nor where the first murder took place. He attempted his first kidnapping in Ocean City, New Jersey in 1969, but didn't start killing people until 1971 in Seattle. This is unproven information because he told so many different people different stories of when his first murders took place. Detectives believe he began his serial killer path as a teenager. Evidence suggests he abducted and murdered an 8 year old girl named Ann Marie Burr in Tacoma 1961 at the age of 14. He denied being the murderer indicated in this crime.

The earliest documented homicide of Ted Bundy was at the age of 27, in the year 1974. January 4, 1974, he went into 18 year old dancer and UW student Joni Lenz's basement bedroom and beat her with a metal rod that was obtained from the bed frame. He penetrated her with a speculum, which left her with serious internal injuries and left her unconscious for 10 days. She survived the attack. A month later after that attack, he broke into Lynda Ann Healy's room, knocked her unconscious, dressed her in jeans, white blouse and boots, then took her with him.

After the kidnapping, college women started disappearing at a 1 per month ratio. 19 year old Donna Gail Mansom was the next victim to serial killer ted bundy. She was a student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia. She left her dormitory to attend a jazz concert but didn't make it. Ted Bundy admitted to authorities later in life that he murdered the girl.

Donna Gail Manson, victim to murderer Ted Bundy
Donna Gail Manson, victim to murderer Ted Bundy

After countless other murders and jail escapes, the serial killer admits to murders before dying

After the Leach trial conclusion, Ted Bundy began confessing to being the murderer of over 30 women. He said the murders were all about taking complete possession of his victims, and the ultimate act of control is taking a life. He also liked possessing the victims bodies, as known he was a necrophilic. While on death row, Ted Bundy was "gang raped" by a group of his fellow death row inmates. He denied that he was ever sexually assaulted on death row but inmates confessed to the crime. He was soon after charged with unauthorized correspondence with fellow death row inmate John Hinckley.

When Ted Bundy's execution dates were set, he began sharing graphic information on what he did to the victims he murdered. The serial killer said he visited various secondary crime scenes to lay with and have intercourse with the decomposing bodies of his victims until putrefaction forced him to stop. He kept severed heads of twelve victims and dressed dead bodies with clothes, fingernail polish, and washed some of their hair. When all his appeals were exhausted, the serial killer admitted to all the murders that he was a prime suspect in throughout Washington and Oregon.

Ted Bundy admitted to murders police weren't aware of. He hinted that he had buried several victims in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado but withheld vital details such as the location. This was his attempt to postpone his execution. His last hope for survival was executive clemency, which was denied because the families of the people he admitted to knowing their location already believed the victims were dead. The day before his execution, Ted Bundy talked about committing suicide, saying he didn't want to give the state the satisfaction of watching him die. The serial killer was executed in Raiford electric chair at 7:16 a.m on January 24, 1989. Hundreds of people celebrated and set off fireworks across the street from the prison when the execution took place. His body was transported from the prison in a white hearse and took him to Gainesville where he was cremated, and ashes scattered in the Cascade Range of Washington State.


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    • profile image

      gary price 4 years ago

      Good hub there bub.never get tired of reading a ted Bundy article truly fascinating psychology

    • profile image

      joana l. 5 years ago

      it is interesting the similarities between aileen wuornos and ted bundy. these two indinviduals killed for different reasons but each one lived through sacred bond mutilation parent-child relationship. none of them could understand the why of healthy sexual relationships because these had been severed or damaged beyond the point of recovery. the dinamic was a twisted game of control and evil desire to make others pay for their most inner frustrations.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      interesting reading, it is amazing how people can cross the line and turn into monsters.

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 5 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      update coming soon, i had to go to work lol

    • NC4Life078 profile image

      NC4Life078 5 years ago from United States of America

      Murderers aren't born, they're created.

      Although I would like to agree with this statement I don't believe that your provided enough supporting evidence as to "why" he bacame a serial killer.

      Sure he discovered his "sister" was his mother. But, the rebuttle that could be used against this claim is that there are plenty of individuals with traumatic events that have taken place in their lives, most much worse than Ted Bundys discovery. Yet, you don't see them hacking people and raping corpses.

      So my question is what seperates Ted from the rest? Perhaps it is genetics? You also mentioned he was troubled before he found out, yet, we don't why.

      Nevertheless, It was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. Very good hub. Thumbs up!