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Baking Soda and Vinegar In the South China Sea

Updated on April 14, 2012

'They who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it'

Does anyone

Remember how we got into the Eastern part of World War II? Perhaps being raised by my paternal grandparents dates my perspective on this thing. Lets roll back the calendar and remember when Japan was harassing boats coming in and out of East Asia. They coveted the U.S. Position in the Pacific Ocean and they took steps to bully their neighbor China because Japan was tired of living on fish and rice and liked having a foothold on the Mainland.

Fast forward to the present and everything is in reverse. China has half of the world's industry within its boarders and has been putting that money to good use from their own stand point. China has been building a massive navy and has been quietly outfitting their military recently. Now it is the turn of all China's neighbors to squirm like a child with bare feet on a hot summer’s day.

Hillary Clinton on behalf of President Obama has been egging China's neighbors into hedging in China's growth. The big question then becomes, 'What happens when China throws out all of the foreigners within it and closes off business ties with the west. The U.S. government doesn't have an answer to that one. They have been trying so hard to go green that it would ruin Obama's name in his own Party if he were to suggest relaxing restrictions on industrial enterprises so that any preemptive attack from China doesn't bring the US to its knees without the industry to get it standing again.

Whatever the fall out, Countries all over the Pacific are bulking up their national defenses in reaction to China’s aggressive expansions in influence.  Among other nations, Japan is being allowed to build a navy again for the first time in thirty six years. With all the technology at their disposal, it seems that they haven't lost the knack of how to build a navy amongst other things. The interesting thing is that they may be one of the big obstacles for China to strike at America. They aren't the only ones hedging their bets though. Vietnam is renewing ties with India who is also concerned with China's growth and they are both taking military steps to counter the problem. South Korea on a larger scale has been taking cues from American generals and naval officers in shoring up its national defense. Most of the Island nations south of China are taking similar precautions as well.

Tough break for the Americans though; The US doesn't have what it takes, industry wise or even militarily in order to do anything other then to supplement the armies surrounding China a the present moment. What has ever been true about militarization is still something to be concerned about here. When ever two armed camps stare at each other over any distance, sooner or later someone will do something stupid and then there isn't any way of stopping a battle to break out.


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